Why is Cinta Mega, fired from PDIP, still a member of DKI DPRD?

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Klinik Farma – It is known that the politician Cinta Mega was fired from her PDIP party after playing online gambling during the DKI DPRD plenary meeting.

After the investigation, Cinta Mega still has an active status as a member of the DPRD DKI.

In fact, Cinta Mega was fired by decision of the PDIP Central Steering Board (DPP).

The public is suddenly wondering why Cinta Mega can still compete in Parliament.

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The reason why Cinta Mega is still a member of the DPRD DKI

Jakarta PDIP DPD Secretary Gembong Warsono revealed the reasons why Cinta Mega is still sitting in Parliament.

Cinta Mega membership status is now pending the sending of a Letter of Interim Replacement (PAW).

Gembong told reporters on Wednesday (8/16/2023). explained that despite being a PAW, Cinta Mega still received his DPRD member rights until new members were appointed.

Gembong cannot say when the PAW letter was issued as it is the PDIP DPP authority.

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Chairman of the DKI DPRD admitted that he could not do anything

According to Gembong, DKI DPRD chairman Prasetyo Edy Marsudi was unable to propose PAW vs. Cinta Mega to the DKI General Electoral Commission (KPU) because the party’s inner party was unable to release the PAW letter.

“I can not do anything. If an internal decision gives me that, then I can speak,” Prasetyo said at the Fairmont Hotel, Senayan, Central Jakarta on Tuesday (01/08/2023).

Lots of controversy about Cinta Mega: fired for playing slots, it turns out he got a call from the CCP one day.

The dismissal of Cinta Mega was a strong response from the party, who discovered that he allegedly gambled online during a plenary session on Thursday (20.07.2023) at the DKI Jakarta DPRD Building, Central Jakarta.

Cinta denies that the game she is playing is gambling. He also claimed that he was playing games because he was tired of waiting for the meeting, which was delayed by about an hour, which was supposed to take place at 1300 WIB.

He arrived late when the meeting was temporarily suspended after Bambang Kusumanto, chairman of the PAN DKI DNR faction, was interrupted by turning off the loudspeaker.

While waiting for the technician to solve technical problems, Cinta Mega activated her tablet and played the game.

Cinta Mega was finally called to face the internal PDI-P, resulting in her being kicked out of the bull logo party.

It was previously revealed that Cinta caused controversy when she was called to the CCP on Wednesday (04/26/2023). At the time, he was being interrogated as a witness in a case of alleged corruption in the acquisition of land in Pulo Gebang, Kakung, East Jakarta.

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