When will the Jakarta-Bandung fast train run? This is Jokowi’s answer

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – President Joko Widodo confirmed that Jabodebek LRT will be operational on August 26, 2023. So what about the fast Jakarta-Bandung train? this is Jokowi’s answer.

Initially, the Jabodebek LRT and Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train road target was scheduled for August 18, 2023. The difference is that the Jabodebek LRT can already operate commercially while the Jakarta-Bandung high speed train is only limited to a free trial for the community. .

Jokowi also said that the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train still needs time to operate. Meanwhile, the public free trial starts in September 2023.

“The fast train will probably be tested again in September once everything is ready. So it’s confirmed,” Jokowi said at the Dukuh Atas LRT station in Jakarta on Thursday (October 8, 2023).

Earlier, KCIC General Manager Corporate Secretary Eva Chayrunisa said that in order to ensure the success of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train pre-operational test program, KCIC is currently continuing preparations from various angles.

Pictured: KCIC, through its bullet train contractor, has begun testing a series of electric multiple units (EMUs) or passenger bullet trains for the Jakarta-Bandung service. (Doc. KCIC)
KCIC, through the contractor Fast Railroad, has begun testing a series of electric multiple units (EMUs) or Fast Train passenger trains for the Jakarta-Bandung service. (Doc. KCIC)

“In accordance with government directives, it is planned that pre-operational testing will begin in early September 2023. During this period, the public can try out the Jakarta-Bandung fast train for free,” Eva told Klinik Farma. , Wednesday (September 8, 2023).

In parallel, KCIC also carried out certification of both high-speed train facilities and infrastructure at the Ministry of Transport. KCIC follows these steps fully, preparing various data and information required as part of a smooth certification process.

KCIC continues to fully deploy both operational and plant facilities, one of which is associated with the plant. Later, when the station begins to serve passengers, the available access is ready for use.

During the free trial period, KCIC will engage various stakeholders, especially the community associated with the bullet train route. Engaging residents on the bullet train route is a form of appreciation for KCIC’s involvement and support of the community around the bullet train route so that the bullet train construction process can run smoothly.

“In addition, other people who want to take part in the free trial will also have the option to self-register. The mechanism and conditions for people who want to participate in the free trial will be officially announced soon through KCIC information. channel,” he said.

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