What is Jelangkung? Called AHY like Moeldoko when he wants to beat the Democrats

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Klinik Farma – The word “jelangkung” comes from the figure of Democratic Party General Chairman Agus Harimurthy Yudhoyono (AHY) when he commented on the actions of KSP Moeldoko, who were accused of wanting to defeat the Democratic Party.

AHY at a press conference at the Central Jakarta Democratic Party DPP office on Friday (November 8, 2023) compared Moeldoko to having a presence among Democrats like jelangkung.

Moeldoko’s actions in the eyes of AHY are like “arriving uninvited, not taking you home”, which is synonymous with the jelangkung figure.

So what is the jelangkung that came out of AHY?

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Meet jelangkung, the mystical summoning doll

Jelangkung is a play doll originally from the archipelago, designed to summon spirits and spirits.

The doll is usually made from a coconut shell ladle, shaped like a human body. As a rule, these dolls are dressed in black, like people.

It is believed that these dolls were influenced by Chinese culture, namely Kai Lan Gong (God of the basket) and Kai Lan Tse (Protector of children).

This belief is reinforced by the mantra that players chant while playing the jelangkung, namely “jelangkung, jelangsat”.

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Another version says that jelangkung originated in Java itself. This game was originally known by the Javanese as “Grandmother“.

Javanese adults also play jelangkung to fend off reinforcements threatening the locals.

There is also another version, according to which the gelangkung was born in the land of Minang, which is reflected in a similar game called crazy wound

How to play gelangkung

Jelangkung is played to invite the spirits to the players.

The gelangkung doll should be played in a crowd under a bright moon or at dusk.

As for how to play it, after the gelangkung doll is made, the player casts a spell that reads: “Jelangkung jelangsat, There’s a party here, Little party, Jelangkung jelangsat, Comes unaccompanied, Goes home unaccompanied. Jelangkung jelangsat,” and then proceed to the requests of the players.

After casting the spell, a figure of a supernatural being will appear or simply communicate with players in various ways.

Typically, spirits communicate by writing down words on a piece of paper or a medium.

Players can ask these spirits for various things, such as the future, in order to assess the chances of gambling.

The presence of jelangkung in society is enhanced by various media such as films and soap operas.

Jelangkung is also featured in the film. Jelangkung (2001) Rizal Mantovani and José Poernomo. The film was considered successful in that it brought a jelangkung presence to the common people.

Authors: Armand Ilham

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