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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Malaysia has suspended imports of live cattle and buffalo from Australia. This was done a few days after Indonesia did the same when smallpox was discovered (Lumpy skin disease/LSD) in small quantities from Kangaroo Country.

Australia itself said it had contacted a neighboring country for a connection. Local livestock officials have confirmed that LSD has never appeared in Australia and the country is still free from the disease.

“We understand that this decision was made on the advice of the Indonesians,” said Mark Shipp, Chief Veterinary Officer of Australia. Reuters And ABC News AustraliaFriday (8.11.2023).

“They will not accept cattle from four specific export companies following the discovery of LSD in Australian cattle after arriving and staying in Indonesia,” he added.

“Australia has urgently contacted colleagues in Malaysia to confirm a sound veterinary system and communicate that LSD does not exist in Australia,” he said.

If true, the LSD outbreak is likely to prompt Canberra to temporarily halt meat and dairy exports and potentially cost the country more than A$7 billion over 12 months.

Malaysia is one of Australia’s smaller livestock export markets, with about 20,000 head exported annually over the past five years. Malaysia purchases cattle for slaughter in northern Australia and ranchers in the southern states.

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