Virus: A boy goes crazy pedaling a bike on a bus route, Netizens: It’s like chasing Dajjal

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Klinik Farma – A video of a boy cycling in a designated TransJakarta bus lane has become a hot topic on social media. The video shows how the boy was determined to perform a dangerous stunt by riding his bike through the bus lane.

Twitter account @/txtdrjkt be the one to share the video. The video shows that the boy was riding a bicycle, and he was filmed by a bus passenger who was riding right behind him.

Younger brother”, the Twitter account wrote, accompanied by a crying emoji, on Monday (14/8/2023).

The boy was seen wearing a brown shirt and black shorts. He seemed to quickly spur his bike on, looking worried.

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The reason is that a TransJakarta bus is rushing along its lane right behind him. Then the boy got frightened and looked back several times. He also rode his bike even faster.

On the other hand, the TransJakarta bus driver chose to remain calm and slow down his vehicle. The driver was also kind enough not to press the horn so that the boy would not panic and be even more frightened.

Meanwhile, the boy seemed to have a hard time getting out of the bus lane because there was no exit on the left side of the path.

The video certainly prompted various public reactions immediately. To date, the video has been viewed 666,000 times and received 10,000 likes from users.

Many netizens also leave hilarious comments in the comment column. There are even netizens who say that the boy’s actions are like playing Subway Surfers that crosses the railroad tracks.

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It already uses the internal power of the bike. Isn’t that like being chased by the Dajjal?”, commented netizens.

Leaping in speed, the clay is also agitated,“I am a netizen with a crying emoji.

This is if the road is still long to the end, it seems that the younger brother’s leg was knocked out‘ added another.

Considered Pepsiman again”, — noted netizens.

His little brother must have been very excited, the attraction was already running at top speed.”, — noted netizens.

A safe Knuckles deck?” asked the netizens.

If you honk the horn plus gas, the bus will automatically urinate, it’s a babyanother said.

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