Ustaz Abdul Somad, Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 Finalists Allegedly Harassed, Talks About Punishing Obscenity Perpetrators

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Klinik Farma – Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 finalists were allegedly sexually harassed during a body check.

In a statement, one of the contestants, whose initials are R, said he was asked to pose naked in front of a lot of people.

“We were told to take off the top (underwear), part of the bra. We cannot use nipple pads or bra gel. So we really only wear underwear,” he said at a press conference quoted by Klinik Farma on Tuesday (8/8)/2023).

“There we were told to do several poses, for example, kneel, pose backwards. Not only seen, but also kept in intimate places, as I experienced myself. I was also told to show my backside, buttocks,” he said. added.

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In connection with the viral case of the Miss Universe 2023 finalist, who was suspected of sexual harassment, Ustaz Abdul Somad explained the punishment that those responsible for sexual harassment will face.

Quote from the show on the YouTube channel Official representative of Trans TVUstaz Abdul Somad reported that perpetrators of sexual harassment will receive appropriate rewards in the afterlife for their behavior.

“How about this, what actions have been done in this world, what will be the punishment in the Hereafter?” It is reported by UAS with reference to Tuesday (08/08/2023).

“So, the punishment in the afterlife for those who commit harassment and violence, I’m sorry, I’m not very comfortable talking about this, because it still needs to be held accountable. An eye for an eye, a foot for a foot. ,” he added.

Then, in his lecture, Ustaz Abdul Somad recalled the existence of Yaumul Hisab or Judgment Day.

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“There will be a later name Yaumul Hisab, the day of reckoning. So those who remember later days will not be able to abuse, they will not be able to do three things: offend, hurt and deprive of rights, ”the UAS explained.

Ustaz Abdul Somad added that if the perpetrators of sexual abuse repented to Allah SWT, it is useless if the perpetrators have not received forgiveness from the victim.

“Even if you repent: “Oh God, forgive my sin,” God says: “You have sinned against my slave, apologize first.” Forgiveness restores the feeling, the same as before you hurt him,” UAS explained.

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