Ustaz Abdul Somad calls for the release of Rempang residents arrested during the clashes: they are not corrupt!

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Klinik Farma – Clashes that occurred between residents and police on Rempang Island, Riau Islands on Thursday (07/09/2023) have attracted the attention of many parties. Authorities also arrested a number of residents defending their land from annexation by the Rempang Eco City project.

This issue attracted the attention of Malay-born scholar Ustaz Abdul Somad, popularly known as UAS.

The cleric loudly asked lawyers and advocates to release a number of residents arrested during demonstrations in defense of the land they occupied.

“If you help even one dog, you will receive a reward, not to mention helping relatives on Rempang Island,” Abdul Somad said in one of his lectures, quoted on the Instagram channel ustadzabdulsomad_official.

In this regard, UAS has asked lawyers to help a number of arrested residents of Rempang Island.

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“So, your lawyers have the knowledge to leave now, so what’s the point of helping to free those who are now arrested there,” he said.

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Dozens of primary school students on Rempang Island are afraid to go to school after residents clashed with authorities and were injured by tear gas?

The UAS emphasized that those arrested were not drug dealers or corrupt officials. He said that the residents only want to protect their native land.

“They are not drug dealers, they are not corrupt. These are people who defend their land,” he said.

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Not only that, he also gave a speech to his congregation.

“What will our house look like if someone takes it, what will it look like if someone takes away our place of residence for the sake of food,” he added.

Not only that, the UAS also quoted the hadith of Abu Dawud in support of the struggle of the people of Rempang Island.

“(Who) dies defending his property, defending his home, defending his dignity, then he dies as a martyr,” he said.

Clashes on Rempang Island

It was previously reported that on Thursday, September 7, 2023, there was a clash between Rempang Island residents who rejected the Rempang Eco City National Strategic Project (PSN) and the police.

The conflict began with plans to resettle residents of Rempang, Galang and Galang Baru islands with the aim of developing investment on Rempang Island into an integrated industrial, commercial and tourism zone.

The project, implemented by PT Makmur Elok Graha (MEG) and BP Batam, aims to attract large investments that will use land measuring 7,572 hectares, or about 45.89 percent of Rempang Island’s total area of ​​16,500 hectares.

It is reported that the joint equipment penetrated the residents’ residential area. Meanwhile, residents chose to survive and rejected the installation of land stakes as a step toward relocation.

Residents who refused were eventually forced back using tear gas and violent methods. A total of six residents were reportedly arrested following the incident.

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