Until evening, the demonstrators still stood around the horse statue, starting to climb up the concrete divider

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Klinik Farma – A crowd of workers demonstrating near the horse statue of Jalan M. H. Tamrin began climbing the concrete barriers prepared by the police to secure the demonstration.

Based on Klinik Farma monitoring on site at 7:15 pm WIB, demonstrators were still demonstrating and singing together. In addition to climbing the concrete dividers, they also attempted to damage the barbed wire located between the concrete dividers.

Police urged demonstrators to maintain order and security at the event.

“There are many people among us who want security and order. It’s past 19:00 WIB, let’s maintain security and order,” a police spokesman said from a loudspeaker in the area of ​​the horse statue, central Jakarta, Thursday (8/10/2023). ).

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However, this warning was ignored by the participants of the action, who still stood over the separator, waving the flag of the organization.

As you know, the Action Alliance of a Million Workers (AASB) and the United Workers’ People’s Movement (Gebrak) held a demonstration today.

The AASB and Gebrak will demand that the government repeal Law (UU) No. 6 of 2023 regarding the omnibus law on job creation and by-laws of the government.

In a statement obtained by Klinik Farma, Gebrak also made other demands, namely the repeal of laws deemed unconstitutional, such as the Minerals and Coal Act (Minerba), the Criminal Code, the Public Capital Act (IKN), the Agriculture Act , the National Education System Act (Sisdiknas), and the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (ITE).

“Repeal Permenaker’s Resolution No. 5 of 2023 regarding adjustments to working hours and wages for certain export-oriented labour-intensive industrial companies affected by changes in the global economy,” Gebrak said in a statement cited on Thursday (8.10.2023).

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In addition, they also rejected the Land Bank and demanded an end to agrarian liberalization and land grabbing. Then Gebrak also demanded that there should be no silence on the democratic space in the academic environment.

Another demand is to stop the repression and criminalization of popular movements in all sectors of society.

On the other hand, the AASB demands that President Joko Widodo repeal the Job Creation Act, the Health Care Act, the Financial Sector Development and Strengthening Act, and implement universal welfare for life.

The Presidium of the AASB, Cumhur Hidayat, stated that these three laws ignore the well-being of people, especially workers.

“We believe that these various laws are anti-constitutional, even anti-Pancasilian, so they need to be fundamentally corrected,” Chumhur said at the AASB Joint Secretariat, Chilandak, South Jakarta on Tuesday (August 8, 2023).

For this reason, he continued, the AASB brought together about 40 trade union organizations to take action. Because Cumhur is evaluating dialogue efforts until the law in the Constitutional Court fulfills his requirements.

“On August 10, 2023, we are holding a large-scale ultra-peace labor action with the belief that the President of the Republic of Indonesia will hear and feel the pulse of popular unrest, especially Indonesian workers, so that they want to repeal the law, which is anti-constitutional and anti-Pankashila,” said Cumhur.

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