Unlike Anies, the PKS regrets that the PKB’s joining the Coalition for Change even caused a shock.

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Klinik Farma – DPP Prosperous Justice Party (PJP) Chairman Al Muzzammil Yusuf is actually hopeful that the inclusion of the National Awakening Party (NAP) in the Coalition for Change for Unity (CUC) can go more smoothly.

The reason is that, until now, the inclusion of the PCB has actually caused upheaval within the coalition.

“Yes, we really hope that there is a procedure that can be better than the current situation. In fact, the three-party coalition will not experience any shocks when it enters the PCB in the same way. smooth we can do it,” Muzzammil said at the PKS DPP office in South Jakarta on Saturday (Feb 9, 2023).

Indeed, the PKS sincerely regrets what happened. However, Muzzammil stressed that he would still organize the existing coalition.

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“But fate didn’t work out that way, so we regret what happened, yes. But we will still try to continue organizing our coalition,” he said.

For that reason, he said, his party will still try to convince Democrats to cooperate.

“We hope that our Democratic friends will really respect us, we do understand that the Democratic Party is uncomfortable, but we continue to encourage the PAC to continue to dialogue with Democrats so that we can bring it back together if that is still possible.” a coalition of change for the sake of this unity. I think it’s understandable in that regard, OK?,” he said.

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Earlier, Anies Baswedan welcomed the joining of the National Awakening Party (NAP) to the Coalition for Change for Unity, which was previously organized by NasDem, the Democratic Party and the PKS.

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The Democratic Party later left the party after PCB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar became the vice-presidential candidate of Anies Baswedan.

In his political speech during the Anies-Muhaymin declaration at the Yamato Hotel, now called the Majapahit Hotel, on Jalan Tunjungan, Surabaya City, East Java, the former DKI Jakarta governor welcomed joining the PCB.

“The PKB becomes a reinforcement, filling gaps that have not yet been filled. Bringing colors that were not there before, opening up new perspectives for us,” he said in his speech on Saturday (9 February 2023).

Anies himself believes that the coalition he is now building represents the combined strength of religious nationalists, as well as the strength of urban and rural communities.

“God willing, this coalition will combine nationalist ideology, religious ideology into strength with the strength of urban communities, the strength of village communities, the strength of Javanese society in various regions of Indonesia. It’s a collaborative effort.”

Anies-Chuck Imin Declaration

For your information, the announcement of the Coalition for Change’s presidential and vice presidential candidate pair, Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar, was officially held on Saturday at the Yamato Hotel or Majapahit Hotel on Jalan Tunjungan, Surabaya City, East Java (Jatim). (9.02.2023).

On this occasion, NasDem Chairman Surya Paloh made a political speech, saying that he was well acquainted with two political figures who were presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

“I got to know these two figures more intimately over a longer period of friendship. These two people have their own strengths,” he said.

He stated that Anies Baswedan was an intellectual scientist who he believed could become the new leader. In addition, Surya Paloh said that he knew Mukhaimin as a person who was a very experienced organizer.

“This pair is like a bottle and a cork,” he said.

Surya Paloh also said that the Anies-Muhaimin couple will be the first to register when registration opens.

“So, today our brothers and sisters already have the basic capital as specified in the constitution. God willing, the first couple to register will be the couple we have today,” he said.

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