The small salary of the PPPC forced thousands of CASN to retreat? Check the amount of honor and perks

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Klinik Farma – There has been a lot of discussion lately that 1921 participants in the 2022 PPPC selection (civil servant with a working agreement) have resigned, one of the reasons is due to income or salary. So how much does the PPPC earn? Here is an overview.

It is known that one of the reasons for the selection of PPPC participants was that the placement and income did not meet the expectations of the applicants. To overcome this problem, BKN will also provide the latest information on the SSCASN 2023 portal, namely in the form of information on wage amounts.

So, what is the actual salary of the PPPC before the retirement of the PPPC selectionists? For more details, below is an overview of his salary list, which has been cited from various sources.

PPPC salary

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TH Law No. 5 of 2014 states that the PPAC is entitled to wages, benefits, leave, protection and training. As in paragraph (2) of article 1 of Presidential Decree No. 98 of 2020, the salary of the PPPC is adjusted according to the workload, duties, occupational risks, class and period of group work.

The salaries of the PPPC in the central bodies will be deducted from the APPB (government revenue and expenditure budget). Whereas the salaries of the PPPC in regional agencies are covered by the ARBD (regional income and expenditure budget).

Now, see below for more details, PPPC salary amounts are based on groups to be aware of, which have been reported from various sources.

  • The wage rate for Group I is IDR 1,794,900 – IDR 2,686,200.
  • The salary for Group II is IDR 1,960,200 – IDR 2,843,900.
  • The salary for Group III is IDR 2,043,200 – IDR 2,964,200.
  • The salary for Group IV is IDR 2,129,500 – IDR 3,089,600.
  • The salary for Group V is IDR 2,325,600 – IDR 3,879,700.
  • The salary for Group VI is IDR 2,539,700 – IDR 4,043,800.
  • The wage rate for Group VII is IDR 2,647,200 – IDR 4,214,900.
  • The salary for Group VIII is IDR 2,759,100 – IDR 4,393,100.
  • The wage rate for Group IX is IDR 2,966,500 – IDR 4,872,000.
  • The wage rate for Group X is IDR 3,091,900 – IDR 5,078,000.
  • The wage rate for Group XI is IDR 3,222,700 – IDR 5,292,800.
  • The wage rate for Group XII is IDR 3,359,000 – IDR 5,516,800.
  • The wage rate for Group XIII is IDR 3,501,100 – IDR 5,750,100.
  • The wage rate for Group XIV is IDR 3,649,200 – IDR 5,993,300.
  • The wage rate for Group XV is IDR 3,803,500 – IDR 6,246,900.
  • Salary for class XVI is IDR 3,964,500 – IDR 6,511,100.
  • Salary for class XVII is IDR 4,132,200 – IDR 6,786,500.

In addition to the salary, the PPPC will receive allowances. This is stated in Presidential Decree No. 98 of 2020. The allowances provided by the PPPC include:

– Family allowance

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– Food allowance

– Structural department allowance

– Supplement for functional position

– Other allowances

This is an overview of PPPK salary amounts based on interesting groups to know. I hope this information is helpful!

Authors: Ulil Azmi

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