The prosecutor calls the sadistic actions of Mario Dandy towards David Ozora elements of a planned persecution

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Klinik Farma – The Prosecutor (JPU) stated that Mario Dendy’s brutal actions against David Ozora were consistent with the elements of a planned crime of abuse.

The prosecutor considered that Mario not only severely insulted David, but also tried to hide his actions, trying to hush up the facts.

This shows Mario’s attempt to trick David and hide his plans.

“Defendant Mario Dendy’s attempt to deceive and conceal his plans reinforces the argument that this action had clear elements of planning,” South Jakarta District Court Attorney (PN Jaksel) said on Tuesday (August 15, 2023).

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Based on court testimony, Mario’s actions with defendant Shane Lucas and son A.G. (15 years old) had elements of preliminary planning, motivation, preparation, execution of actions and long-term impact on the victim.

The defendant in the David Ozora abuse case, Mario Dendy, appeared before the South Jakarta District Court, Jakarta on Thursday (10/08/2023). [Klinik Farma/Alfian Winanto]

Starting with preparing plans for a meeting with David. Up to an agreement with A.G. and Shane before the persecution.

“The element of grievous bodily harm with advance planning was executed lawfully and convincingly in accordance with the law,” the prosecutor said.

In a previous trial, Mario Dendy was charged under Article 353 Part 2 of the Criminal Code and Article 355 Part 1 of ill-treatment as a result of his actions of repeatedly abusing the lying David Ozora.

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