The moment when Prabowo Subianto refuses to be kissed by TikToker Cellos’s hands is noted by netizens: Humble!

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Klinik Farma – The moment when Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto invited influencers and stand-up comedians became the focus of netizens.

One was when Prabowo Subianto held quizzes for influencers and stand-up comedians as to who the characters in the paintings were at his residence.

“Who is this?” Prabowo asked, showing one of the paintings, a quote from the uploaded TikTok account. @yogiramons on Saturday (08.05.2023).

Since no one knows who this character is, Prabowo Subianto then gives a clue as to the characters in the painting. “Navy,” he explained.

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Influencer Yoshua Marcellos immediately responded that the character was Yos Sudarso. — Yos Sudarso, sir. Yes, I got a prize,” he replied enthusiastically.

“You’re smart,” Prabowo said.

After Yoshua Marcellos answered the questions correctly, he wanted to kiss the hand of the man who was predicted to run as a presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

However, when Yoshua Marcellus was about to kiss his hand, Prabowo Subianto immediately withdrew his hand.

It was this moment that immediately attracted the attention of netizens. Prabowo Subianto received various compliments from netizens for his humble attitude.

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Pak Prabowo’s humility, when Cello wanted to kiss his hand, he immediately withdrew his hand,“- commented netizens.

Even though it wasn’t my choice later on, Pak Prabowo has always been a role model due to his modesty.” said another netizen.

Until you want to kiss her hand. Respect,” added another netizen.

Salute to Paku Prabowo, he doesn’t want to be kissed on his hand‘ praised another.

Fine, Mr. Prabowo, but first, lend me a hundredcommented another netizen.

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