The judge thinks Mario Dandy will beat David Ozora even worse if Shane Lucas doesn’t stop him

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Klinik Farma – A panel of judges at the South Jakarta District Court (PN Jaksel) concluded that Mario Dandy Satrio had the intention of abusing David Ozora until he suffered serious injuries. It is believed that the violent actions of Rafael’s son Alun Trisambodo will not stop unless stopped.

“Given the condition of the victim, if the defendant did not stop due to the fact that he was interrupted by Shane Lucas, and also witnessed Natalya’s screams, the defendant was determined to continue his actions,” Chief Judge Alimin Ribut Sujono said, reading Mario’s decision at the hearing. . South Jakarta District Court, Thursday (July 9, 2023).

During the hearing, the panel of judges stated that Mario had a strong determination to pursue David. For this reason, the panel of judges considered that Mario’s actions against David would have had more serious consequences if they had not been stopped.

“Thus, the defendant’s actions could have caused more than just grievous bodily harm. Therefore, the imposed punishment is justified, as stated in the sentence,” Judge Alimin explained.

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FYI, Mario Dandy was sentenced to 12 years in prison in a serious assault case involving David Ozora. He was found legally and convincingly guilty of the crime of willful cruelty.

Mario is also accused of paying compensation to David Ozora in the amount of IDR 25 billion. The panel of judges said Mario’s actions towards David were sadistic and cruel.

Mario is believed to take pleasure in this sadistic act. The panel of judges said there was nothing that could reduce Mario’s 12-year prison sentence.

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