The government met with hundreds of entrepreneurs ready to pay 1,179 trillion. Indonesian Rupiah

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – The Government officially held the Phase VI Business Meeting and Indonesia Catalog Exhibition and Forum (ICEF) 2023 at Jiexpo Kemayoran, Jakarta on August 3-5, 2023. This event is held as part of meeting the needs of the government in the procurement of goods and services from domestic products.

As a result of the business meeting, at this stage, the government is aiming for a Master Procurement Plan or RUP worth more than IDR 1,179 trillion, which will come from procurement plans from ministries or departments, regional governments and state-owned enterprises. 99% percent for the purchase of domestic products (PDN).

Specifically, for micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME)/Small and Medium Enterprise (IKM)/handicraft purchases, the government is targeting a minimum amount of IDR 250 trillion in this event. In addition to e-catalogue transactions, the government plans to reach IDR 500 trillion in transactions.

Novita Ilmaris, Head of the State Property Bureau (Karo BMN) of the General Secretariat of the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, explained that the business meeting at Jiexpo will represent all ministries/departments of the central government, local governments, SOEs, receive the goods they want to take for their purchases by the end of the year.

“The purpose of the introduction is to facilitate meetings between product user agencies, which include ministries / institutions, regional governments, BUMN, so that these ranks are invited to meet with business people,” Novita said during a meeting at Jiexpo on Thursday (3). /8/2023).

In total, about 10,000 e-catalogue users, 546 regional governments and 34 ministries are involved in this implementation. The business entities themselves allocated 132 exhibition stands or promotional places for business meetings, and ICEF – 67.

“From the point of view of a business actor, from the point of view of a business meeting, there were 132 stands, then there were 67 stands from ICEF, but there were many products presented in the booth, not just one,” Novita said.

The concept of the held business meeting began from the opening day of the event. According to Novita, as a result of today’s face-to-face meeting, plans will be developed for the needs of ministries / institutions, regional governments or state enterprises regarding the necessary procurement process for the exhibited products.

“After the meeting, there is hope that there will be plans for needs and there will be a direct collision with the necessary products, where there will be a meeting of supply and demand,” he said.

After the meeting to look at the products that were the purpose of the purchase, then on the second day or to be precise when the business meeting was held, ministries / institutions, regional governments, state-owned enterprises, he hoped to have direct deals with the sellers of these products.

“Once the specifications are accompanied by the principle of domestic product priority, there are already transactions or at least commitments on the meeting table,” Novita said.

There are also product exhibitors assisted by the relevant ministries or institutions, as well as the organizers, the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment, the Ministry of Legislation and Human Rights, the Ministry of Finance, the Public Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute. (LKPP) also invited Kadin to cooperate in Indonesia.

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