The CPNS 2023 Question Forms have been prepared, here comes the leak!

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – In the near future, the process of selecting candidates for the State Civil Apparatus (SCA) will begin, including candidates for civil servants and candidates for civil servants with employment contracts. Miscellaneous prepared.

One of them concerns a problematic scenario. Today, the Ministry of Government Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), together with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, handed over the manuscript of the selection questions.

According to a press release cited by Klinik Farma on Thursday (Oct 8, 2023), the manuscript includes management competencies, socio-cultural and PPPK interviews, and core competency selection for CPNS in 2023.

The handover of the questionnaires was carried out by the head of the personnel department of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ambar Musyarifah, to the assistant to the deputy for the development of positions, planning and staffing of the personnel apparatus of the Ministry of Administrative-Bureaucratic Reform, Aba Subaj.

The press release states that the texts of the submitted questions were written by 173 authors from 35 universities and institutes.

The entire question preparation process, from grid preparation to language learning, uses a strict technological security system supervised by the National Agency for Cyber ​​and Cryptography (BSSN) and supervised by the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, the State Civil Service Agency (BCN) and the Agency for Finance and Supervision of development (ADCP).

The National Selection Committee or Panselnas determined that fewer formations were formed for candidates for the State Civilian Apparatus (CASN) than planned, namely 572,496 formations. PPPC consisting of 543,593 and CPNS 28,903 formations.

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