The CCP detention extortion case, which has already been tried several times, is still under investigation.

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Klinik Farma – The case of alleged extortion or extortion in the pre-trial detention center of the Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (Rutan CCP) is still being investigated.

CCP Vice Chairman Nurul Gufron stated that they opened or closed cases several times.

“Although the investigation has been exposed several times,” Gufron said at a meeting with reporters at the CCP Red and White Building in Jakarta on Thursday (August 24, 2023).

Gufron said that they are looking for the involvement of other parties in the exposure.

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“However, we still want to bring it to sides other than those found at the beginning,” he said.

He assured that when all the full evidence and persons who could be held accountable are found, the CCP will disclose them to the public.

“Later, when it becomes clear that someone is involved in this, we will report on progress later,” Gufron said.

This case was found in the CCP Detention Center located in the CCP Red and White Building in Jakarta, the main building of the anti-corruption agency. That was the first time that the Supervisory Board of the CPC publicly announced this.

The alleged perpetrators were dozens of CCP detention officers. The amount of illegal fees has reached 4 billion Indonesian rupiah and is likely to increase.

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The amount of extortion ranges from 2 million Indonesian rupiah to tens of millions of rupiah. The extortion is alleged to be a payment for detainees to get more opportunities, including the ability to use mobile phones in the SIZO, receive additional food and drinks, and be relieved of the duties of cleaning the SIZO.

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