Suspected Panji Gumilang faces criminal prosecution

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Klinik Farma – Director of General Crime (Dirtipidum) Barescrim Polri Brigadier General Juhandhani Rahardjo Puro emphasized that there was no criminalization or political element in identifying the suspect Panji Gumilang. The process of investigating, investigating and identifying suspects against the caretaker of Al-Zaytun Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) is said to have been in accordance with standard operating procedures or SOPs.

“There is a process, we are following all of them, so that the person concerned (Panji Gumilang) meets the requirements for us to make him a suspect,” Juhandhani told reporters on Friday (04/08/2023).

As for the notion of criminalization and politicization, according to Juhandhani, Panji’s team of lawyers is legit. But he believes that the public can also give an assessment.

“No (criminalization and politicization). The public can judge whether it is criminalization or not if a lawyer rightfully says what it is,” he said.

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Panji’s legal team had previously suspected that political and criminal elements were behind the identification of his client as a suspect. They hope that Bareskrim Polri’s decision to name Panji as a suspect will not spark a horizontal conflict.

“From the very beginning, we suspected how the criminalization and politicization of the Pak Sieh Panji Gumilang issue took place,” Panji’s attorney Hendra Effendi said in Barescrim Polri, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta on Wednesday (02/08/2023).

The concern about horizontal conflict, Hendra continued, is based on the number of Panji’s followers, which is said to span millions. However, he hoped that his fears were not justified.

“We do not expect horizontal problems in society, because Pak Seh Panji is a figure who has millions of supporters. Of course, when this happens, we do not understand what will happen,” he said.

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It is known that the Ditipidum Bareskrim Polri investigators decided to detain Panji for the next 20 days. The detention begins today and will last until 21 August 2023.

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