Sitting case Content Creator Nearly angry mobs in Tebet, starting with a child screaming against the current

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Klinik Farma – A riot involving content creators took place in front of an Ayam Bakar food stall in Tebet, South Jakarta on Tuesday (August 15, 2023) evening. This happened because the content creator and his team were nearly beaten by the mafia after creating content on Jalan Lapangan Ros Utara, Tebet.

They make content appealing to motorists so they don’t swim against the current. But then there was an incident that almost got the content creator beaten by the masses.

Take a look at the facts about the content creators who were almost enraged by the masses when they created content on Tebet below.

Chronology of events

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The excitement began when a content creator and his team created content to discourage two-wheelers from going upstream. The action was carried out by the content creator in the area of ​​the Tybet station turnaround.

“Conduct content from 16.00 WIB. People going against the current are driven away from the Tybet station, ”said local resident Ivan on Tuesday (08/15/2023).

Initially, it was stated that the actions of the content creator ensure that the content runs smoothly. This happened after the reprimanded driver immediately turned back after receiving a warning.

But then the content creator was deemed too “going too far”. The reason is that the content creator yelled at a small child because he was caught going against the current.

Chaos the first (commotion) (began when) a small child who was yelled at. Then it sucks on his (content creator) side. (This action) annoyed road users, especially online motorcycle taxis (ojol),” Ivan said.

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The content creator doesn’t care about permissions?

In addition, the content created by the content creator is allegedly unlicensed by both local officials and RT/RW. This has led many road users to be concerned about the creation of content on the side of the road.

“There is no pass. They suddenly stop people on the side of the road,” Ivan said.

Therefore, Ivan hopes that in the future, content creators will be able to request permission. Especially if the target content is locals.

Content Creator Fled to Grocery Kiosk

It was the actions of the content creator towards young children that angered residents and ojols, causing a stir. Residents and ojols are furious after creating content with their team.

Finally, the content creator and his team took refuge in a food stall to avoid mass tantrums.

“There was a dispute between his team (content creator) with the locals, especially with ojol. Therefore, the situation was not favorable, ”Ivan explained.

The police intervened

Tebet police confirmed the commotion that took place around the Ayam Bakar Wong Solo food stall. Tebet police immediately went to the scene to prevent unwanted incidents.

“There were already officers (deployed police) at the scene. The deputy chief of police, the head of the criminal investigation department, was already there,” Tebeta police chief Kompol Chitya Intania said.

Chitya confirmed that the hype was allegedly started by someone who created the content. But he could not confirm this, because somewhere he led the event.

In addition, Chitya also did not deny that the hype could have started due to the fact that road users did not accept the content created by the content creator.

Authors: Rohmadoni Trias

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