Secretly, 3 years have passed since the treasures of Indonesia were exported to China.

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – The Indonesian Quartz Miners Association (HIPKI) reported that Indonesia has started exporting quartz sand from 2020. At the same time, 100% of exports go to China.

“Indonesia only started exporting at the beginning of 2020, now it is in its third year. We do not have export regulations. The quartz market in Indo actually developed well for a long time, but it was used for cement plants until 2020, and then there were some ceramic products,” HIPKI Advisory Board Rezki Syahrir said in an interview with CNBC in Indonesia on the Mining Zone program. cited on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Rezki revealed that 100% of Indonesia’s quartz sand exports go to China. Because of this, Indonesia has shifted the export position of 3 countries to China, namely Australia, Cambodia and Pakistan.

“After we opened the export tap, it was swallowed up by China. Until 2020, China imported a lot, but not from Indonesia, from Australia, Cambodia and Pakistan. After Indonesia entered the export market, Indonesia slightly displaced Australia, Cambodia and Pakistan,” he explained. .

Currently, Indonesia not only uses quartz sand for export, but also uses it domestically for the production of cement and bricks. Cutting said that the share of domestic use of quartz sand is 80%, and the remaining 20% ​​is exported.

“Today’s internal proportion, I convey that we are opening the proportion from 20% to 80%. 80% domestic, 20% export,” he added.

However, Rezki said that Indonesia is not a major player or owner of the world’s quartz sand reserves. What, Indonesia ranks 8th as a quartz sand storage country.

“Most players are the United States (US), then Australia, Western Europe, Germany and China. Indonesia is not a major player. The main character of quartz is that it is an abandoned material, so it is a type of mineral whose existence abounds in the world,” he said.

Previously, President Jokowi strictly prohibited the export of quartz sand. According to Jokowi in his administration’s calculations, quartz sand appears to have as many as 60,000 derivatives that have added value.

“In 2027, the electric vehicle ecosystem should be completed. We will also ban the export of all processed products, including quartz sand. I counted 60,000 quartz sand derivatives, this is a big added value,” Jokowi said at the State Palace some time ago.

On the other hand, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif said that the ban on the export of quartz sand is still just a discourse. However, the government is currently looking into the need for silica sand as a raw material for solar panel components.

“This is still being discussed, but we are looking at potential sources. We will calculate, for example, how many kilograms of silica are used per 1 square meter of solar photovoltaic energy before it is converted,” Arifin said at the Energy Ministry. and Mineral Resources Building, data from Monday (07/08/2023).

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