Sadist! Teenagers in Lenteng Agung were harassed, strangled, then beaten and trampled

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Klinik Farma – A teenager from Lenteng Agung, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, was the victim of persecution. They strangled him, hit him so hard that they stepped on his neck.

The incident was caught on camera until the video went viral on social media. One of the videos was uploaded by the Instagram account @jakartaselatan24jam and it is explained that this happened on Sunday (08/20/2023).

“Video of violence in the Lenteng Agung area in southern Jakarta: a teenager was strangled and then hit so that his neck was stepped on,” the report says.

The video shows that the victim initially collided with the perpetrator on the road while riding a motorcycle. Without further ado, the perpetrator strangled the victim, hit her, and stepped on her neck.

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“Aren’t you sorry?” the offender said.

“Who were you before, sir? I don’t know you,” the victim replied.

“I do not know you. You woke up, if you are in Washington, do not talk nonsense, ”said the criminal.

Jagakarsa police chief Compol Multazam Lisendra said that preliminary investigations showed that the perpetrators and victims were underage teenagers.

“The alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator are minors,” Multazam told reporters on Sunday (August 20, 2023).

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Two of them, Multazam continued, were residents of RW 03. However, according to him, the victim has not yet written a statement.

“We have not received a statement to the police from the family or family of the victim. We hope that the family and the victim will be able to report this soon so that we can get information quickly,” he said.

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