Russia “sacrifices” its best troops, Putin starts to panic?

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Russia sent parts of its most valuable military unit to the main point of conflict of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, trying to stop the advance of the troops.

Following reports earlier this month that Ukraine had deployed its main western-trained heavy brigade to attack Robotine in western Zaporozhye, Russian airborne specialists arrived behind the front lines.

Earlier this week, units of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, sometimes described as Russia’s finest combat unit, were spotted near the village of Robotine.

A patch belonging to another member of the Russian special unit suspected of involvement in the massacre of civilians in the city of Bucha in March 2022 was also seen in motion.

It seems that these elements may have retreated from the only Russian offensive on the 600-mile front, namely the assault on the city of Kupyansk in the Ukrainian Far East.

Reported To expressTuesday (August 29, 2023), the Russian Airborne Special Forces are the most elite troops among Vladimir Putin’s troops in Ukraine, but they haven’t had much success.

They actively participated in the attack on Kyiv at the beginning of the “special military operation” and were forced to retreat after a month of resistance from the Ukrainians. They believed they could liberate the capital in a matter of days, and many of them wore full dress uniforms.

Then they were sent to guard Bakhmut after the withdrawal of the Wagner group in May of this year.

The recent offensive against the Lugansk region in the east, the only active Russian offensive on the front, did not bring any significant progress, despite the presence of airborne troops.

However, now the Russian armed forces are hoping that their partial redeployment to the defense of Robotin will stop the relatively rapid advance of the Ukrainian counterattack.

The Robotine strike line, aimed at Melitopol to divide the Russian land bridge between the Crimean peninsula and Putin’s forces to the east, is an “important sector” of the front line.

On the other hand, Ukraine stated that its troops liberated the village of Robotin in the southeast on Monday (08/28/2023). This happened as Kyiv moved further south against the Russian forces occupying the region.

The Ukrainian military said last week their troops hoisted the national flag over a strategically important village and posted a video of its liberation. The troops then carried out sweeping operations until control was confirmed on Monday.

“Robotin has been released,” Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar is quoted as saying. Reuters.

“Ukraine is confident that its fighters have broken through the most difficult Russian line of defense in the south and will now start moving faster,” the commander who led the force to Robotin told Reuters.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also reported progress, although he did not mention the Robotine region. According to him, the Ukrainian troops “are definitely preparing a response to Russian plans in a way that they did not expect.”

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