Rice price broke another record today, reaching IDR 12,600/kg.

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Prices for rice rose again today, setting a new record. Over the year, the average monthly price for medium rice in September 2023 increased by 13.97% compared to September 2022. At the same time, the price of premium rice increased by 13.38%.

Food Agency price analysis shows that the price of medium rice today, Thursday (July 9, 2023, data at 12.58 WIB), soared to IDR 12,630 per kg, while the price of premium rice rose to 14 IDR 290 per kg. Each of them increased by 80 Indonesian rupiah compared to the previous day.

A week ago, on August 31, 2023, the price of medium sized rice was fixed at IDR 12,340/kg and premium rice at IDR 14,000/kg.

This price is the national average daily price at the retailer level.

The monthly average price of medium rice in the current month of September 2023 was IDR 12,480 per kg, higher than a year earlier when it was IDR 10,950 per kg.

Meanwhile, the average rice was recorded at IDR 14,150 per kg, a sharp increase from the September 2022 average, which was still IDR 12,480 per kg.

At the producer level, grain and rice prices also rose steadily.

Here’s the data:

– harvested dry grain (GKP)

at the farm level, it increased by IDR 20 to IDR 6,240 per kg.
at the factory it increases by IDR 20 to IDR 6520 per kg.

– dry ground grain (GCG)

at the plant increased by IDR 10 to IDR 7,090 per kg.

– rice in the mill

the average price increased by IDR 20 to IDR 11,480 per kg.
premium increased by IDR 50 to IDR 12,750 per kg.

Agricultural columnist Khudori explained that production factors are the main reason for the current spike in rice prices. According to him, India’s policy of banning rice exports only fuels the psychological mood.

“The dominant factor is, of course, production. Prices still have growth potential. How much the price will be is difficult to predict. In October, we will begin the lean season. October is usually the start of the planting season, which will be harvested in late January or early February during the main harvest season,” he told Klinik Farma, quoted Thursday (July 9, 2023).

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