Residents of Kampung Bayam who were unable to move in after being evicted from the JIS construction filed a lawsuit with the DKI Jakarta Administrative Court.

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Klinik Farma – The residents of Kampung Bayam filed a lawsuit against the Jakarta provincial government DKI (Pemprov) and PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) in the State Administrative Court with case number 379/2023.

Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH) member Jihan Fauzia Hamdi said the lawsuit was filed because residents felt they had not been given the right to reside and manage Kampung Susun Bayam.

Jihan explained that the Jakarta provincial government DKI and Jakpro ignored their legal obligations to provide Kampung Susun Bayam units to the residents of Kampung Bayam. He said the residents of Kampung Bayam have been evicted since 2008 and will be evicted again in 2020 for the construction of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) piles.

“In fact, this legal responsibility is clearly regulated by DKI Jakarta Governor Decree 878/2018 followed by DKI Governor Decree 979/2022,” Jihan said at DKI Jakarta PTUN, East Jakarta on Monday (August 14, 2023).

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In Kepgub DKI Jakarta 979/2022, the Settlement District is in Kampung Bayam District, Jalan Santer Permai Raya, Jakarta International Stadium RW 12, Papanggo Village, Tanjung Priok District, North Jakarta Administrative City, which is the Plaintiffs District. .

Jihan also said that the base for residents occupying Kampung Susun Bayam has also gone through the verification process, as stated in letter number e-0176/PU.04.00 from the Mayor of North Jakarta regarding verification data for potential residents of Kampung Susun Bayam.

Residents of Kampung Bayam who do not have rights to access housing in Kampung Susun Bayam are being treated by the Jakarta provincial government DKI and Jakpro as violating their rights.

“The provincial government’s neglect of DKI and Jakpro has contributed to the uncertainty of realizing the right to proper housing,” Jihan said.

“As a result, residents have to live in limbo, even five of them have to camp in front of Kampung Susun Bayam because they no longer have money to rent or find other housing,” he added.

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In addition, he believed that the Jakarta provincial government DKI and Jakpro violated the general principles of good governance (AUPB). This is because, according to him, there have also been violations of the principles of openness, benefit, impartiality and public interest, as can be seen from the actions taken by Jakpro and the Jakarta provincial government DKI.

“Instead of giving Kampung Bayam residents the opportunity to be heard, Jakpro has actually set illegal rates for Kampung Bayam residents based on the use of DKI Pergub 55/2018,” Jihan said.

“While it is clear that residents of Kampung Bayam are residents of the ‘programmed’ category, and residents who are eligible for an apartment are listed in the DKI Kepgub 979/2022 scheme, it is even enhanced by the verification of the citizen’s data as an SK issued by the Mayor of North Jakarta,” continued He.

Jihan hopes the Administrative Court lawsuit will find that the act of ignoring the government’s legal liability by denying rights to the Kampung Susun Bayam division is against the law.

“Not only that, in this lawsuit, PTUN also asks to order Jakpro and DKI to the Jakarta provincial government to immediately provide Kampung Bayam units to the residents of Kampung Bayam, as the basis was clear from Governor’s Decree DKI 979/2022 and North Jakarta Mayor’s Letter number e-0176/PU. 4:00 am,” he said.

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