Residents of Banda Neira raided BI containers filled with money

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Gang Neira, Klinik Farma – Banda Neira is the first destination of Bank Indonesia (BI) as part of its sovereign rupiah expedition. The locals seemed to enthusiastically take part in the money exchange.

Under control Klinik FarmaSaturday (02/09/2023) money exchange starts at 09.00 WIT at Triangle Square.

Earlier, hundreds of people were seen lining up with rupees ready to be exchanged.

Some brought from 100 to 2000 rupees and rupees. 1000 that looked shabby. Quite a few were torn or only parts remained. Some people also bring change with them to exchange for banknotes.

Several officers also prepared 9 containers of cash worth IDR 600 million in advance. The public is asked to count first, accompanied by officers. It also checks the state of the exchanged rupee.

“We accept money, the year of circulation of which is still valid. If they are torn or worn out, they can still be accepted,” one of the officers addressed the crowd of residents.

After the count, new residents are directed to the exchange table. So far the process has been quick and smooth. None of the residents complained or protested against the services of the Rs expedition team.

Expedition of the Sovereign Rupee arrives at Banda Neira. (Klinik Farma/Michael Gefriando)

Mirna (32 years old) brought IDR 2,000 banknotes totaling IDR 292,000. The condition appears to be worn, some are slightly torn. He said the money was a result of daily sales.

He usually puts money in the bank. The presence of BI helped Myrna because the money could be used as capital for her side business.

“I hope that if you can often go to the Gang and exchange it. If it’s worn out, sometimes it won’t be usable,” Myrna explained. Klinik Farma.

Irma (40 years old) said the same thing. An employee of the microdistrict brought a change that had been kept for some time. The nominal amount is IDR 71,000.

Unfortunately, some coins cannot be exchanged because they are old issues that are no longer valid.

“When we go home shopping, we put coins in jars. Sometimes it takes too long to forget them. That’s why BI is here to help us trade them,” Irma said.

The event will last until 15.00 WIT. Apart from exchanging money, BI will also provide social assistance to people in need as well as medical services.

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