Released from prison, what is the parole that Richard Eliezer has?

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Klinik Farma – After the Supreme Court (MA) reduced the sentence of Ferdy Sambo, he attracted a lot of public attention, now the focus is on the figure of Richard Eliezer or Bharada E.

This is because former employee Ferdy Sambo is known to have been released from prison and is currently on conditional leave until January 31, 2024.

This was also reported by the coordinator for public relations and protocol of the General Directorate of Corrections of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Rika Aprianti.

As of August 4, 2023, Brother Richard Eliezer (Bharada E.) began the Conditional Leave (CB) program until January 31, 2024. Now his status has changed from convict to prison client.Rika said in her written statement, quoted yesterday Tuesday (August 8, 2023).

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Conditional leave received due to Richard Eliezer’s role as justice officer. Then what is a conditional leave? Check out this explanation.

This conditional leave is one of the reliefs granted to convicts under certain conditions.

The rules regarding conditional leave are governed by the Regulation of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights No. 7 of 2022 on the second amendment to the Permenkum Law No. 3 of 2018 regarding the conditions and procedures for granting remission, assimilation, family visitation leave, parole, leave before release and conditional release.

The definition of conditional leave received by Bharada E is specified in article 1 of the following Menkumham rules.

Pale Release, Early Release and Parole are training programs to integrate prisoners and children into society after meeting predetermined requirements..”

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In this case, the sentence that Richard Eliezer is serving is included in the conditions of conditional leave that apply to each prisoner, with the following clauses.

  • A convicted person serving a maximum sentence of imprisonment for a term of 1 (one) year and 6 (six) months;
  • The convicted person served at least 2/3 of the entire sentence
  • It is proved that the convict behaved well during the last 6 months, which are counted up to 2/3 of the criminal term.
  • The convict has the right to receive conditional leave for a period not exceeding 6 months.

The conditional leave received by Bharada E. does not mean that he should be released. The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights is cooperating with the authorities to monitor the movements of Bharada E.

In addition, Richard Eliezer is also required to report, as a form of control by the authorities, of the status of a correctional client who is currently with former adjutant Ferdy Sambo.

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