PT KPP CEO denies Southeast Sulawesi prosecutor’s office confiscated Rs 75 billion related to nickel mining case

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Klinik Farma – Chief Executive of PT Kabaena Komit Pratama (KKP) with initials AA as a suspect in a corruption case involving nickel ore mining in the Mining Permit (IUP) area of ​​PT Antam Blok Mandiodo, North Konave, claims the Supreme Attorney of South East Sulawesi. The Office (Kejati Sultra) has never confiscated 75 billion rupees from him.

Lawyer A.A. Alois Ferdinand reported that the evidence confiscated from his client was only 11 checking accounts in the name of PT KKP and individuals. He stressed that no cash in rupees or foreign notes was confiscated.

“Our client A.A., as managing director of PT KKP, only signed a letter of forfeiture on 11 accounts and confiscation of 11 bank statements from 11 accounts owned by PT. The KKP and personally from the suspect A.A., apart from that, there was nothing.” Alois told reporters about this on Thursday (10/8/2023).

According to Alois, PT KKP has also never received any money from the sale of nickel ore, which was allegedly taken at the site of IUP PT Antam. At the same time, he claimed that he did not know whether the nickel sold in 2022 was the result of mining from the Antam IEP, since PT KKP only borrowed documents.

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“Even without accepting, I don’t even know the sale value (or nickel). So, in the submitted documents, KKP did not indicate to which account the payment was transferred, because in the document it went to the borrower’s account,” he said. .

In connection with these documents, Alois continued, PT KKP also continues to make payments in favor of non-tax revenues (PNBP). I argued that PT KKP only received a document fee of $3 to $5 per metric ton.

“Our client worked as a director of PT KKP for only 3 months. Our client is not aware of the mining activities carried out by PT Lawu as a KSO from Antam,” he said.

Confiscate 75 billion rupees

Asintel Kejati Sultra Ade Hermawan previously stated that his party confiscated 75 billion rupees from suspect A.A. as CEO of PT KKP and other suspects in this case. Tens of billions of dollars were confiscated in rupees, US dollars and Singapore dollars.

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In addition to IDR 75 billion, investigators also confiscated 161,740 tons of nickel ore from PT LAM warehouse, 50,000 tons of nickel ore from PT KKP warehouse, a house owned by WAS in Bekasi City, West Java, 1 unit of Honda Accord. owned by PT LAM, which was controlled by GL, to documents from the offices of PT LAM and PT Antam Tbk in the Mandiodo block.

“Currently, investigators and the asset tracing team are still tracking other assets to recover damages from the state,” Ade told reporters on Wednesday (09/08/2023).

A total of 10 suspects have been named in this case. Two new suspects, namely the former Director General of Minerals and Coal of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ridwan Jamaluddin and H.J. as sub-coordinator of the RCAB of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

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