PSI welcomes Prabowo Despite previously backing Ganjar, Hasto PDIP refuses to intervene

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Klinik Farma – DPP PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) general secretary Hasto Cristianto casually replied about the friendly relations between the Gerindra party and the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) some time ago.

He said his party does not want to interfere with the sovereignty of other political parties, including the PSI, which previously declared support for Ganjar Pranovo in the 2024 presidential election but is now inclined to support Prabowo Subianto.

In addition, Hasto stressed that the existence of friendship between political parties has indeed become a tradition that needs to be continued.

“Yes, we do not interfere with the sovereignty of other parties when making political decisions. Various meetings between political parties show that the tradition of friendship lasts a lifetime,” Hasto said at the Party School, Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta, Saturday (05/08/2023).

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However, when asked about PSI saying that the PDIP never answers and tends to be closed, Hasto stressed that his party has always opened doors for friendship and fellowship with other political parties.

This was confirmed by PDI-P DPP Chairman Puan Maharani, Hasto said, Hasto reported. Puan herself also made frequent friendly visits to other parties, most recently visiting PKB DPP General Chairman Muhaymin Iskandar and Golkar Party DPP General Chairman Airlangg Hartarto.

“You answered, ma’am,” he said.

In addition, Hasto emphasized that hospitality is good.

“Friendship is good, isn’t it?” he concluded.

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