PSI admits not responding to PDIP, expressing support for Ganjar, Puan: I always open the door!

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Klinik Farma – PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) DPP Chairwoman Puan Maharani emphasized that her party always opens doors for communication and friendship with all political parties. He denied that the PDIP appears closed if a political party wants to communicate.

This was taken over by Puan after being named the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI). PDIP has never responded regarding the political stance of PSI, which has previously expressed support for Ganjar Pranovo.

“It was said earlier that it seemed that PDI Perjuangan did not open the door, then PDI Perjuangan did not want to communicate, you can see that I always open the door,” Puan said at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta. , Friday (04/08/2023).

So far, he said, the PDIP has been open to communication with other political parties, as evidenced by his trip on safari to meet with PPP Acting General Secretary Mardiono, DPP PCB head Mukhaymin Iskandar, and Golkar Party head. DPP Airlangga Hartarto.

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He stressed that the visit he made was made subject to the presence of parties that had extended invitations.

“I was the one who was present and came to visit other parties. If, then the party invited us and expected us to come,” he said.

“I can’t suddenly (suddenly) come, but then there is no prologue to convey that I want a meeting or I want a presence,” he continued.

He stressed that a meeting or friendship between political parties could take place if both parties wanted to meet.

“Because the point of PDI Perjuangan is to always open doors, be ready to communicate and stay connected,” he concluded.

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PSI does not require a response

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