Profile of Andre Rosiade, member of the DPR candidate to be Pratama Arkhan’s son-in-law

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Football fans were shocked by the rumor that the football player Pratama Arkhan is going to marry Aziz Salsha, daughter of Andre Rosiada, a member of the DPR of the Republic of Ingushetia. The rumor first surfaced in a video circulated on TikTok.

The video says that Pratama Arhan is currently preparing for her wedding with Aziza Salsha. In fact, the Tokyo Verdi player had just broken up with a woman named Marchela Aprilia.

Aziza Salshi’s origin has also been in the spotlight because she is the daughter of André Rosiade, a politician of Gerindra’s party.

Profile of Andre Rosiade

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Andre Rosiade is an Indonesian businessman and politician who is now a member of the Indonesian Parliament.

Aziza Salshi’s father was born on November 7, 1978 in Padang, West Sumatra. In the first year of his stay in the DPR RI, he once shook a national controversy, because he raided prostitutes, posing for the sake of his image.

Andre Rosiade married a woman named Nurul Anastasia. From this marriage they had three children, namely Nurul Aziza Salsha Rosiade, Muhammad Ammar and Tsakif Rosiade.

André Rosiade is also the chairman of the West Sumatra Gerindra Party DPD. During the 2018 presidential election campaign, André was a spokesperson for the Prabowo-Sandy National Organization Winner (BPN).

In the 2019 legislative elections, André Rosiade was successfully elected as a member of the DNR-RI for the West Sumatra Constituency I.

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As a representative of Prabowo-Sandi BPN, André benefited from the coattail effect of Prabowo-Sandi’s candidacy.

Not only that, Andre also feels his image has been boosted by the fact that the 2019 elections were held at the same time.

Andre studied from elementary to high school in his hometown before continuing his higher education in Jakarta.

He completed his primary schooling at SD Yos Sudarso Padang (1985-1991), SMP Yos Sudarso Padang (1991-1994) and SMA Negeri 2 Padang (1994-1997).

In high school, he confessed that he once bought tickets for a Semyon Padang match to resell and make a pocket money profit.

During his college years, André was known as a campus activist until he was President of the Student Executive Council (BEM) of Trisakti University during the period 2000–2001, as well as Chairman of the West Jakarta Indonesian Muslim Students Union (KAMMI) during the same period. .

After graduating from college, Andre began his career as a consultant with PT Indoconsult. In 2003, he founded PT Prestasi Usaha Anak Bangsa. He later founded several companies and became the CEO of PT Kaze Internasional Selaras, PT Cahaya Azizah and CV Putri Pertama. He is also Commissioner of PT Garda Benteng Indonesia as well as CV Ammar Jaya.

Controversy surrounding André Rosiade

Klinik Farma – Andre Rosiade was once controversial for his activities in raiding prostitutes at a hotel in the city of Padang, West Sumatra.

André Rosiade was criticized by many quarters, especially the public, as he was thought to have framed a prostitute with the initials NN.

In a video circulating, Andre Rosiade is suspected of ordering a room where prostitutes raided. Because of André’s actions, N.N., a mother of one child, was named as a suspect.

Authors: Sifa Horunnis

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