Profile and sins of grandfather in Bekasi: distributor of video deceptions “demonstrator stabbed to death by officials”

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Klinik Farma – A viral video showing demonstrators being stabbed by police turned out to be just a prank, also known as fake news.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged grandfather is behind the spread of the prank.

The grandfather is known to have spread the prank through the WhatsApp group of apps. Now he must stand trial for his actions.

So who is this person? What sins did he commit to get arrested by the police?

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Profile of the grandfather who spread the hoax by stabbing demonstrators

The man has the initials R (59) and is a resident of Bekasi, West Java.

R. was arrested at his home on Friday (8/11/2023) morning after a video was circulated showing a police officer stabbing a demonstrator.

Meanwhile, R shared the video via WhatsApp without knowing the facts.

R’s sin of spreading hoaxes: PKI’s allusion to a call to arms

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Director of Special Criminal Investigations (Ditreskrimsus) Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Ade Safri Simanjuntak tells how R.

R shared a video clip of the demonstration while there was a demonstration of workers yesterday Thursday (10/08/2023).

R made the narration look like the video was new and was yesterday’s demo of the workers.

“The video is accompanied by a narration or written caption that reads: “Today at 09:00 ET, security forces attacked a demonstration in Jalan, West Jakarta. This demonstration came from Tangsel, who will give his speech in Jakarta,” Ade explained to reporters. , Friday (8.11.2023).

In fact, R.’s narrative was accompanied by a call to arms and blamed the actions for being requisitioned by the Communist Party of Indonesia or the CPI.

“Bach *** who hit the PKI machine was a barbarian, get your life-saving weapon ready, you must pay with your life,” Ade continued, mimicking R’s narration.

The video turned out to be old, R. was threatened with criminal prosecution

The video shared by R turned out to be old.

Ade explained that the video was actually an incident in 2018 in Central Maluku.

At this time, the man was stabbed by a member of the task force Yonif Riader 515, Pratu ML.

“An old incident in 2018 in Vaai Village, Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency,” Ade said.

Unfortunately, the video has since changed hands and the narrative has become widespread.

“But the suspect forgot to get a message from which group and from whom because the suspect has groups on his WhatsApp of about 54 groups,” Ade explained.

R must now face a scrutiny of his actions.

“Delivered to the office of Ditreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya for further investigation,” he concluded.

Authors: Armand Ilham

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