Princess of the New Province of Papua, bearer of the red and white palace flag

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – The Indonesia Forward Group was elected by the Heritage Flag Raising Squad (Pasqibrak), whose task was to raise the red and white flag at the ceremony to commemorate the seconds of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia on Thursday, August 17, 2023.

The bearer of the red and white flag hails from one of the new provinces of Papua, namely the Highlands of Papua. Lilli Indriani Suparman Wenda, red and white flag bearer for the Indonesia Onward Team, is a student at SMAN 1 Wamena.

The other members of Group 8 who were in charge of hoisting the flag were Bintang Weerasatya R.A. as Commander of Group 8 representing South Sumatra Province, Nathaniel Sean Edgar Sondah as Flag Spreader representing North Sulawesi Province and Alfin Alfarisi as Flag Raiser representing West Sumatra Province.

Army Colonel Joko Setio Kurniawan was the leader of the commemoration ceremony for the Seconds of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. He currently serves as Danmen Armed 2/PY/2 Kostrad.

The commander of the company “Paskibraka” – Captain Mar Ganteng Prakoso, acting Danki A Yonif March 7 Brigif March 4 BS Kormar. The ceremonial officer was Brigadier General Arkamelvi Karmani, Chief of Staff of Permanent Garrison Command I/Jakarta.

Paskibraka 2023 is represented by representatives of all the provinces of Indonesia, the number of which is 76 people. President Jokowi confirmed the 2023 Pasquibraki members on Tuesday 15 August 2023 at the State Palace.

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