Polyandrous woman angry but refusing to divorce, alternation of day and night serves two husbands, “I love you both…”

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Klinik Farma – The practice of polyandry, that is, a woman having more than one husband, is not a normal practice. Even according to Islamic teachings, polyandry is forbidden.

‘Cause it’s a woman’s story told Mstar The following managed to make netizens shake their heads. The reason is that Shazril Khairyl Mustafa’s lawyer admitted that he had handled the woman’s case with her two husbands.

Investigate the calibration, the woman entered into one of her marriages in secret, and of course it was not officially registered under current law.

“The first husband got married in Thailand without the knowledge of the family,” said Shazril, quoted on Saturday (05/08/2023). “The second husband married in Malaysia with the blessings of his mother and father.”

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In other words, his second marriage was openly known and approved by the public. Although the fact is that this woman is secretly the wife of another man.

According to Shazril, this woman also seems ready to play her role as a woman with two husbands. In fact, every day this woman took turns serving her two husbands.

Illustration of a husband and wife in Islam (Freepik/freepik)

Unwavering, she is willing to live a double life and lie here and there to be the wife of her two husbands.

“In the afternoon, she went to her first husband’s house, but admitted that she worked for her father,” Shazril said, referring to the woman and her second husband, who lived in the same house as her father.

“Tonight he will return to the house of his second husband, who lives with his father,” he continued.

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Of course, this practice was eventually discovered and the woman was put on trial. She admitted that she could not leave one of her husbands because she loved both of them, so in the end she had to decide this in court.

The wife does not want to part with both because of love. Haram is fun,” Shazril teased.

“(The case) is over. The wife eventually followed the choice of her father and chose a second husband. So the marriage with the first husband ended in divorce,” he added.

But what to remember, polyandry is still illegal. However, netizens were surprised because it was rather strange to find cases where husbands were willing to be “co-opted”.

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