Police Arrest 7 Suspects in Jakarta-Lampung Network Crime Mortgage Unit

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Klinik Farma – The police have arrested a gang of criminals who have committed the theft of motorcycles or Kuranmor in the Jakarta-Lampung network. In total, 5 motorcycles were going to be sent to Lampung, which were confiscated by officers.

One of the five motorcycles belonged to an online media journalist who had previously disappeared on Thursday (03/08/2023).

West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes M. Syahduddi said there were a total of 10 suspects in the case. However, 3 people are still at large.

The 10 suspects, namely Andry Pramono (33), Muhammad Asrofi (28) and Muhammad Sukma Aji (19), are collectors.

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Then Jaka Puja Pratama (29), Iqbal Pratama (19), Feri Hermansia (28) and Firmansia (22) as carriers. Meanwhile, three other suspects are still at large, namely Chaydir, Sukor Suganda and Josua.

Of the 7 suspects arrested, 5 were arrested by the Tambora police. While two others were arrested by Ditreskrimum Polda Lampung.

Syahduddi said the gang’s arrest began when police suspected a white truck that was transporting folding foam mattresses at the time.

“At first, household appliances were transported in the form of a mattress covered with an orange tarpaulin. Then, after further investigation by investigators, 2 motorcycles were found in a pickup truck with mattresses,” said Syahduddi, Tambora Police, Monday (7/8)/2023).

Convinced that the motorcycle had been stolen, the police immediately took the transporter to Tambora police.

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After that, investigators carry out deepening and development.

“Then, after the raid, three more criminals were found, as well as 3 stolen motorcycles,” Syahduddi said.

From the hands of the suspects, the police confiscated two trucks used to deliver the stolen motorcycles to Lampung, six motorcycles and several mobile phones belonging to the suspects.

The suspects were also charged under article 481 of the Criminal Code on recipients and/or article 363 of the Criminal Code on theft under part (1) of article 55 of the 1st Criminal Code.

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