Photo by Praka R.M. and two suspects in prison clothes, members of the presidential guard, who mocked Imam Masykur to death

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Klinik Farma – A photo was released showing Riswandi Manik Praka R.M. in prison clothes. Praka Riswandi Manik is a member of the presidential guard who is suspected of assaulting Imam Masikur to death.

Private presidential security guard (paspampres) Praka R.M. kidnapped and killed Imam Masykur in South Tangerang, Banten. Before being beaten to death, Imam Masikur was kidnapped by Praka R.M. in the cosmetics store where he worked.

The body of Imam Masikur was found in the Chibogo River, Karawang District, West Java, last Friday (August 18, 2023). Pomdam Jaya reportedly named three suspects in connection with the alleged kidnapping and persecution that led to the death of Imam Masikur.

Now it turned out that there were actually two people abducted.

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Colonel Danpomdam Jaya K.P.M. Irsyad Hamdi Bey Anwar reported that there are two victims of kidnapping and extortion by Praki R.M. In addition to Imam Masykur (25), another victim with the letter “X” is also a cosmetics and drug dealer.

“Actually, two people were abducted,” Yrsiad said in Pomdam Jaya Guntur, South Jakarta on Tuesday (August 29, 2023).

According to Irsiad, victim H was freed by Praka RM Cs near the Cikeas toll road in Bogor, West Java. At that time H. was released in a weak condition.

Paspampres member Praka R.M. is a suspect in the kidnapping case that resulted in the death of Imam Masykur. (Photo: Dr. Pomdam Jaya)

“One person was released near the Sikeas toll road. He was released because he found the victim in a rather difficult condition for breathing. Because of the victim’s fear, they released him. Therefore, we will interrogate this (X) as a witness,” he said. explained.

The bride takes part

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On this occasion, Brigadier General Cadispenada Hamim Tohari also reported that a civilian with the initials MS was arrested in connection with the case. The civilian is the son-in-law of the suspect Praki R.M.

“One civilian is being handled by the regional police, the matter is still in process, confirmation can be done in the regional police,” Hamim said.

TNI soldier suspected by Praka HS in the kidnapping case that killed Imam Masykur.  (Photo: Dr. Pomdam Jaya)
TNI soldier suspected by Praka HS in the kidnapping case that killed Imam Masykur. (Photo: Dr. Pomdam Jaya)

It is known that Praka R.M. committed the kidnapping along with two other TNI members. Both had the initials Prak H.S. from the Survey Department of the Indonesian Army and Prak J., members of the military command Iskandar Muda.

pretending to be a cop

During the action, “Irsiad” reported, Praka R.M. confessed to residents as a police officer. The kidnapping, motivated by a desire to blackmail, was carried out by Praka R.M.S, because he knew that the victim was selling illegal drugs.

“That’s right (the suspect admitted to being a police officer),” Colonel Danpomdam Jaya Kpm Irsyad Hamdi Bey Anwar told reporters on Monday (August 28, 2023).

Meanwhile, Praka R.M. the pretext was aimed at the Imam, as he believed that the victim would not dare to come to the police.

“Because they (Imam Masykur) are illegal drug dealers. Therefore, if, for example, they are kidnapped or extorted, they will not want to report it to the police. In the end, they kidnapped these people,” he said.

Rs 50 million ransom demand motive

The three current suspects are being held in Pomdam Jaya. He assured that all three did not know and had no other problems with the Imam.

He stressed that the kidnapping and beating to death of the imam were carried out by the suspects solely for financial reasons.

“(Motive) ransom. We don’t know each other,” Ershad explained.

TNI soldier suspected by Praka HS in the kidnapping case that killed Imam Masykur.  (Photo: Dr. Pomdam Jaya)
TNI soldier suspected by Praka HS in the kidnapping case that killed Imam Masykur. (Photo: Dr. Pomdam Jaya)

Exiled to Karawang

Imam’s body was found in the Chibogo River, Karawang, West Java on Friday, August 18, 2023. A young man from Birewen County, Aceh, was allegedly thrown out after being kidnapped and beaten to death by a Paspampres member with the initials Praka RM. .

Said said that when the family found out about the condition of the victim’s body, it was swollen.

“That’s why he’s swollen and very sadistic,” Saeed told reporters on Sunday (August 27, 2023).

Said said that the Imam, who lives in Chiputat, South Tangerang, sells cosmetics every day. As far as he knows, the 25-year-old young man has never told me about any problems, or debts, or anything else.

“If he has something, he calls me,” he concluded.

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