Panji Gumilan’s blasphemy case has been completed and the police are turning it over to the Attorney General’s Office.

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Klinik Farma – Bareskrim Polri has completed a blasphemy case against Panji Gumilang, leader of the Islamic boarding school Al-Zaytun, as a suspect.

Dirtipidum Bareskrim Polri, Brigadier General Juhandani Raharjo Puro, said his party would forward the Panji case file to the Attorney General’s Office (Kejagung).

“We have submitted the documents and will hand over the case file to the prosecutor’s office this morning,” Juhadandi told Bareskrim Polri on Wednesday (8/16/2023).

The delegation, Juhandani continued, after his party questioned 41 witnesses and 18 expert witnesses. According to him, the materials of Panji Gumilang’s case will later be investigated by the prosecutor’s office.

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“Further investigation will be carried out by the prosecutor’s office, on the scope of our investigation. The prosecutor’s office will report on further developments,” he explained.

Earlier, the leader of the Islamic boarding school “Al-Zaytoun” Panji Gumilang was named as a suspect in blasphemy against Islam.

Identification of Panji Gumilang as a suspect after two investigations followed by the title of the case followed by the police.

“The results in the course of the case imply agreement to increase P.G. to the suspect,” said Juhandani (01/08/2023).

Panji Gumilang was charged under section 156a of the Criminal Code and/or section 45a, paragraph (2) in conjunction with section 28, paragraph (2) of the ITE Act No. 19 of 2016 and/or section 14 of the ITE Act No. 1 of 1946 criminal offense. Legal regulations.

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