Panglima Pajaji vs. TNI Commander’s “Shakti” Competition: Fight Over Irritation of Rempang Residents

Klinik Farma – The great figure of the Dayak community, Panglima Pajaji, is now beating the “drums of war” against the figure of the TNI commander, Admiral Yudo Margono.

Commander Pajaji has strongly defended the plight of the people of Rempang who are currently at loggerheads with the joint TNI-Polri apparatus over the Rempang Eco City project dispute.

Meanwhile, Yudo said he ordered TNI troops to arrest Rempang residents who were acting anarchically and potentially endangering officers on the ground.

“Just fall into the trap, one man will catch one. I am afraid that if we use the tools, we will also be bombarded,” the TNI commander said in a viral video.

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Yudo also did not hesitate to call on the TNI troops not to use weapons or equipment, but simply to use physical force, such as pins, to paralyze the anarchist demonstrators.

“More than a community, one person cooperates with each other. Yes, TNI is a decoy, the population is 1000 people, so we graduate 1000 (TNI members). One (TNI member) meets one (citizen). Everything is over. “You don’t have to use tools, just catch them one at a time,” Yudo Margono said.

Suddenly, Commander Pajaji carried his body to the Rempang community, which had been affected by the clash with the security forces.

“You were born into society and are just like me. Society raised you. You were also founded, created by society. But your actions have actually changed. Torture people, intimidate the people of your country. “Fill your own country with pills,” Commander Pajaji said in a TikTok post on Sunday (September 17, 2023).

The magical confrontation of TNI commander versus Pajaji commander

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Both TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono and Commander Pajaji are well-known figures in their respective circles.

Yudo Margono now commands all TNI members in the country, and Commander Pajaji has authority over the Dayak community in his area.

Admiral Yudo is one of the most famous officials of the Indonesian Navy (AL). He began his career at the Naval Academy after graduating from high school.

He has also completed several military courses such as Seskoal A-40 (2003), Sesko TNI A-38 (2011) and Lemhannas Rl PPRA A-52 (2014).

The man, who was born in Madiun, East Java, also has an outstanding track record, holding several strategic positions in TNI, namely Chief of Staff Koarmabar (2016-2017), Pangkogabwilhan I (2019-2020), Chief of Staff. Indonesian Navy (2020–2022), still appointed, became Commander of the TNI.

While the Dayak commander Pajaji is known to the Dayak community as the leader of the Borneo Pantak Padagi forces.

According to his official Facebook page, Commander Pajaji is known to be invulnerable and is said to be unable to be harmed by weapons.

This man, born in Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan, also claims to have received this supernatural power from the ancestral spirits of the Dayaks.

Panglima Pajaji also often proves its strength in various traditional ceremonies, including the 2023 Gawai Dayak Week in Sintang Regency.

Author: Armand Ilham

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