PAN and Golkar approach Prabowo, Gerindra coalition gets stronger

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – The Gerindra party spoke out about the inclusion of the Golkar Party and the National Mandate Party (PAN) in the Greater Indonesia Awakening Coalition (KKIR).

Ahmad Muzani, general secretary of the Gerindra party, stressed that the support of the Golkar party for the chairman of the Gerindra party, Prabowo Subianto, in the 2024 presidential election is very important.

Mouzani gave a strong signal. According to him, the chances of the banyan-carrying party joining the KIRR are very good.

“God willing (the potential for Golkar to join Gerindra’s coalition) is great,” Mouzani said after Gerindra’s party consolidation in Block C Square in South Jakarta, quoted by Detikcom on Sunday (August 13, 2023).

He saw that Golkar’s support would affect Gerindra, so this decision was a welcome one.

“We hope that Golkar will make a decision faster, and of course Golkar is an old party, a strong party with a lot of experience in the political process, so Golkar’s support for Gerindra, Prabowo is very important,” he said. .

Meanwhile, the meeting between Prabowo and Golkar party chairman Airlangga Hartarto went well some time ago. The discussion is general. These two only matched the perception of Gerindra and Golkar.

“In general, this means that we have the same perception of Golkar’s point of view on various types of national problems. We also have the same point of view as Pak Prabowo,” he said.

Meanwhile, on PAN, Mouzani said confidence would be determined soon.

“God willing, PAN will announce its decision in the near future. But we must be patient with the internal process so that the party makes a decision soon,” he said.

Gerindra’s Board of Trustees Deputy Chairman Hashim Joyohadikusumo previously announced that the two major parties had joined the Prabowo camp.

Hashim said Golkar General Chairman Airlangga Hartarto visited Prabowo a few weeks ago, accompanied by Lodewijk General Secretary Freudrich Paulus and Treasurer General Dito Ganinduto.

“Apparently they said they wanted to support Pak Prabowo. And with the permission and blessings of Pak Jokowi. I can say that,” he explained.

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