Over 2 years marred by party-breaking action, AHY and Democrats beat Moeldoko 19 times in relief

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Klinik Farma – Democratic Party General Chairman Agus Harimurthy Yudhoyono (AHY) referred to the repeated defeats that the Moeldoko camp had to endure due to attempts to dissuade the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Finally, the Moeldoko camp was defeated after the Supreme Court (MA) dismissed a judicial review (PK) claim filed by the Moeldoko camp.

AHY said that for 2 years and 8 months the Democratic cadre has been overshadowed by threats from party hijackers. Now Democrats are starting to feel relieved by the Supreme Court ruling on PC.

“Thank God, we won the trial with a score of 19:0. Victory is in our hands. Thank God,” AHY told the Democratic Party office in downtown Jakarta on Friday (November 8, 2023).

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AHY’s pleasure increased because he received news of the Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday afternoon, coinciding with AHY’s 45th anniversary celebration.

“Of course, we are all very happy, we are grateful and touched to hear this. Personally, I am also very grateful because this good news was received on my birthday, so this is the most beautiful gift at the age of 45 this year,” said AHI.

The failure of the Moeldoko camp

Meanwhile, Democratic Party General Secretary Teuku Rifki Harsia reacted to the setbacks following the Moeldoko camp’s failure to overthrow the Demokeat leadership under the leadership of Agus Harimurthy Yudhoyono after the Supreme Court (MA) dismissed a judicial review (JC) claim by the Chief of Staff of the President’s Office.

Initially, Rifki alluded to robbing the Democratic Party through the illegal Delhi Serdang (KLB) Extraordinary Congress on March 5, 2021.

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“At that time, AHY quietly closed ranks and united with all party leaders in the regions and paracade. As a result, on March 31, 2021, Menkumham refused to allow the operation of the illegal version of KLB,” Rifki said in his speech. at the AHY Book Launch at the Jakarta Theatre, Jakarta Center, Thursday (October 8, 2023).

Although it was confirmed that the KLB leadership’s version had been rejected, the Moeldoko camp did not give up. Rifki said they didn’t stop and instead tried to rob him through a lawsuit.

“However, he was sued 19 times, democracy won 19 times, including a suit for judicial review, which, thank God, was rejected by the Supreme Court,” Rifki said.

“All this, of course, is due to the solidity and combat effectiveness of the cadres under the leadership of AHY and the support of the leaders, the support of the people, as well as the help of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala,” he continued.

Earlier, AHY welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court, which dismissed the claim of PK Moeldoko.

Chairman of the Democratic Honorary Council of the Moeldoko camp Max Sopakua. (Klinik Farma/Bagascara)

AHY, which is celebrating its 45th birthday today, even read directly the results of the Supreme Court decision to his relatives and Democratic Party assets. According to the video information received, it can be seen that the cadres joyfully welcome the refusal of P. K. Moeldoko.

“The status of the case, the case has been resolved, is in the process of being recorded by the meeting. Termination date, Thursday, August 10, 2023, pronounce sentence, reject it,” said AHY, reading out the decision of the Supreme Court, which was met with applause from the cadres.

“Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar”, sambut pair of kaders.

Among those in attendance at AHY’s birthday celebration at its residence in Dharmawangsa District, South Jakarta were Democratic Party General Secretary Teuku Rifki Harsia, Vice Chairman Edhi Baskoro Yudhoyono or Ibas, DPP Chairman Herman Haeron, and Gerzaki Spokesperson Coordinator Mahendra Putra.

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