Often considered close to FPI and Habib Rizieq, Anies: I support all legal organizations

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Klinik Farma – Future Coalition for Change presidential candidate (candidate) Anis Baswedan spoke of the public perception that he has a special affinity for the FIN and its leader, Riziek Shihab. He admits that he often interacts with Islamic public organizations (ormas).

However, Anis admitted that he had close ties to all the religious organizations in Jakarta before and after he became governor of the DKI, not just the FPI.

“I am close to all organizations in Jakarta. I am reaching out to all organizations based in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism,” Anis said at Sawah Besar Posbloc, Central Jakarta on Tuesday (August 16, 2023).

Anis said that during the 2016-2017 Pilkada campaign, he visited a number of religious organizations. However, the only shocking news was when he met Rizik Shihab and FPI.

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“Only a visit to FPI is extraordinary news. When we meet with Christian, Hindu and Buddhist communities, it doesn’t become a big exposure,” he said.

In addition, during his tenure as governor of DCI, Anis also admitted that he was a regular supporter of interfaith grassroots organizations. According to him, the attitude towards all legal groups should be the same and not be one-sided.

“The governor’s job is to communicate with everyone, help everyone and must give priority to the principle of equality in policy development. Not one-sided, for all groups. Both religion and ethnicity are my answer,” he concluded.

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