No wonder Jokowi and Croco are lying to Rocky Gerung? “They didn’t report me…”

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Klinik Farma – Rocky Gerung became the talk of the town after he was accused of insulting President Joko Widodo as a stupid bastard. Rocky later clarified his words, especially after several parties attempted to report him to the authorities.

In the heat of the moment, an old video appeared, where Rocky was “beaten up” and asked about the reasons for his anti-Jokowy.

However, Rocky explicitly states that he is not against Jokowi. In fact, Rocky claimed to have supported Jokowi when he first shone in the world of politics.

“At the beginning of his name, we gave a civilian the opportunity to get into politics,” said Rocky, quoted from his Instagram account. @ye9206shortsFriday (04/08/2023).

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However, Rocky then implicitly made empty promises that were not kept by the people who are currently in the government realm.

“I made a deal with those currently at KSP, Palace, ‘We will push you into Pak Jokowi’s office from the start, but you have to report to us,'” Rocky said.

“This is ethics, those whom we tell to come should report to us. On the way, he did not report to me and my friends outside,” he continued.

In fact, not only did they fail to deliver on their promise to account, Rocky accused them of trying to find protection within the government.

“So, we know from the start that this mentality is waiting to be enveloped. After receiving the envelope, he is silent, ”Rocky said.

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Even though they promised to implement community-based policies. “Make sure that Pak Jokowi is protected by what we call principles. civil significance(but) he didn’t,” he said.

During the almost 10 years of Jokowi’s rule, Rocky was constantly the opposition party. Rocky often comes out with harsh and scathing criticism, until recently he was accused of insulting Jokowi for calling him a “stupid bastard”.

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