No confidence in VP position from Gerindra, PKB prepares to change direction if PDIP gives hope

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Klinik Farma – PKB chairman Muhaymin Iskandar or Chak Yimin has hinted that his party may change coalition to join PDI Perjuangan if the current coalition partners, Gerindra, are unsure.

Moreover, PKB has been in coalition with Gerindra for 11 months in the Indonesian Grand Awakening Coalition (KKIR). According to Chuck Imin, PKB could change direction if PDIP gives hope.

“If then PDIP gives me new hope, maybe later, if there is no confidence in Gerindra, then just join PDIP. That’s it,” said Imin at the PKB DPP Central Jakarta office on Friday (04/08/2023).

Despite this, Chuck Yiming emphasized that to date, the PKB continues to consistently form a coalition with Gerindra in KKIR.

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“But I said that to this day there is still certainty (with Gerindra),” he said.

PKB Vice Chairman Jazeelul Fawaid believes it won’t take long to determine a VP candidate if PKB forms a coalition with PDI Perjuangan.

According to him, it would be easier for the PKB and PDIP coalition to identify a candidate for the post of candidate Ganjar Pranovo. Unlike Gerindra, who has been in the coalition for 11 months, but has not yet decided who will be Prabowo Subianto’s partner.

Jazeelul reasoned that the relationship between the PKB and the PDIP, which had existed for a long time and often formed coalitions, was the reason why the cawapres negotiations did not drag on.

“I think this also applies to the PKB, it has a long historical relationship. So it’s easy to talk about it, it doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t take months,” said Jazilul from the PKB DPP office in Central Jakarta. Friday (04/08/2023).

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According to Jazilul, cavapres says that if the PKB enters into a coalition with the PDIP, the decision will not be made in two weeks.

“When I was asked about the possibility, yes, I said that with PDIP it’s a long story, it doesn’t take 11 months, just 12 days to complete, it looks like it fits. But first, we need to end the conversation. ” Jazilul said.

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