New Basarnas Corruption Investigation Costs State Tens of Billions, CCP Names Suspect

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Klinik Farma – The Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (CPC) is conducting a new investigation in Basarnas. Investigations related to new corruption cases in the form of state losses.

Ali Fikri, head of the CCP’s reporting department, said this new case was different from the Basarnas case, in which the former head of Basarnas, Air Marshal Henri Alfiandi, was trapped.

“In addition to the Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (CCP), which is currently investigating alleged bribery, we are also investigating the purchases of goods and services from Basarnas in 2012-2018, namely the purchase of trucks for the transport of personnel in 2014,” Ali Ob this is said in the red and white CCP building in Jakarta on Thursday (07.10.2023).

In this new case, the CCP named a number of suspects from the private sector and government administrators.

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“Of course, we have named several people as suspects in Basarnas, which we know are civilian institutions. Currently, of course, we are gathering evidence and questioning witnesses,” he said.

Ali said they were unable to announce the suspect and the details of the case to the public because it is still in progress.

“So, as for the articles on the loss of state money, of course, this is connected with the purchase of goods and services. When the process of fingerprinting is sufficiently defined, we will announce the persons named as suspects,” he said. .

A new case of corruption in Basarnas has led to the state’s losses reaching tens of billions.

“About tens of billions,” Ali said.

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