Many small rice mills have closed because of the monopoly?

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma- People’s rice mills are experiencing supply shortages due to reduced rice production in the midst of a long dry season caused by El NiƱo. As a result, a number of rice mills had to be closed due to lack of grain supplies.

Perpadi general chairman Sutarto Alimoeso said the decline in dry grain supplies could not be separated from the impact of lower rice production by farmers. In addition, the increase in the number of large flour mills means that the supply of grain to people’s mills continues to decline.

What are the conditions in small rice mills? For more details, see Bramudya Prabowo’s conversation with Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture Food Crops Director General Suwandi and Rice and Rice Processing Entrepreneurs Association (Perpadi) General Chairman Sutarto Alimoeso on Squawk Box. CNBC Indonesia (Thursday, 09/14/2023)

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