Major parties have formed coalitions, what will happen to Ganjar and PDI-P?

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The Golkar Party, PAN and the National Awakening Party (PKB) have formally formed a coalition with Gerindra’s party to announce Prabowo Subianto as a presidential candidate in the 2024 elections. The addition of PAN and Golkar to the Prabowo camp raises questions about the fate of the coalition supporting Ganjar Pranovo and PDIP.

This is because the parties with the most votes in the 2019 elections determined their respective coalitions and did not join PDI Perjuangan. Even though the bull-symbol party ranks first with the most votes, a coalition with other parties will certainly add votes in the 2024 presidential election.

For example, in the 2019 elections, the top 9 parties with the most votes were PDI-P, Golkar, Gerindra, Nasdem, PKB, Democrats, PKS, PAN, PPP, Berkarya, PSI, Hanura, PBB, Perindo, PKPI and Garuda . last. .

Because of this, PDI-P DPP Chairman Puan Maharani was busy on safari with a number of party chairmen, including Golkar party head Airlangga Hartarto and PAN head Zulkifli Hassan. However, it appears that the political trip did not work out as Puan expected. Airlangga and Zulhas decided to support Prabowo.

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Golkar Coalition, PAN, PKB, Gerindra

Signing of the political cooperation document between PAN, Golkar, PKB and Gerindra for presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto at the Proclamation Manuscript Museum in central Jakarta, Sunday (August 13, 2023).

Golkar chairman Airlangga Hartarto said that the reason for supporting his party was because Prabowo was born from the womb of the Golkar party, so he is in the same direction, in line with the Golkar party and also agrees with it.

Meanwhile, PAN General Chairman Zulkifli Hasan said that this coalition was created to continue what has been achieved by the current government.

Meanwhile, Muhaimin Iskandar said that PKB along with Golkar, PAN as well as Gerindra want to complete Indonesia’s development work.

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Ujang Komarudin, a political observer at the Indonesian Al-Azhar University, said that with the accession of PAN-Golkar, the presidential elections will be held along three axes.

As for the presidential candidate coalition, Ganjar Pranovo is supported by the PDIP-PPP-Hanura-Perindo coalition, Prabowo Subianto is supported by the Gerindra-PAN-Golkar-PKB coalition and the Coalition for Change towards Unity (KPP), which is carried by presidential candidate Anis Baswedan.

However, Ujang said there was still a chance for the PKB to move away from Prabowo’s coalition. This is because PKB keeps hinting that it is targeting the vice presidential candidate.

Not only that, Ujang is also confident that the PDIP will strongly support Ganjar Prabowo’s candidacy, even though the party coalition is still larger than Prabowo’s presidential candidate. He saw that in the calculations of the PDIP it would be more profitable to nominate their own cadres than to support other candidates.

“I am sure that the PDIP will definitely support Ganjar, simple logic in the context of the presidential elections, the PDIP needs a tailcoat effect or flapper effect, so PDI-P should be nominated for their footage, at least if Ganjar loses, PDIP will still get sued,” he said.

In addition, Ujang said that there would most likely be no change for the Coalition for Change for Unity (KPP). Especially if presidential candidate Anis Baswedan chooses the general chairman of the Democratic Party as the vice presidential candidate.

Thus, three presidential candidates with the current composition will participate in the struggle for the presidential elections.

PDI-P destiny

In the midst of the party’s ongoing efforts to build a coalition, the PDIP is considered the party with the least support. Previously, the PDIP also convinced the PAN to form a coalition, but now the PAN has joined forces with Gerindra to support Prabowo Subianto. So what is the fate of PDIP?

The PDIP is known to be in coalition with the PPP, Hanura and Perindo to nominate Ganjar Pranovo as a presidential candidate.

PSI had already announced Ganjar earlier, even long before Megawati was announced as Governor of Central Java. However, the PDIP actually emphasized this cynically.

This is evident from the scathing comments of PDI-P Chairman Megawati Sukarnoputri, who was accused of ridiculing the PSI.

Klinik Farma – As the PDIP celebrated its 50th anniversary last January, Megawati was surprised by the party’s announcement of a PDIP member as a presidential candidate.

“Why are you a breathing dompleg? Rules are respected? Although it is clear that the elections, but there must be candidates. My big question is: why are you creating a party?” Mega said.

Some of these “ignorant” views of the PDIP caused PSI to slowly show their anger. At its peak, PSI hosted a visit from Prabowo Subianto to its headquarters.

β€œIn other places, we are asked to go there, if necessary, crawling. If here, Pak Prabowo, who wants to come, will come to our PSI office,” joked Grace Natalie, Vice Chair of the PSI Advisory Board.

When relations with the PSI become strained and the main political parties have already decided on the direction of support, where will the PDIP form a coalition?

Authors: Sifa Horunnis

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