List of the strongest navies in the world 2023, RI Number What?

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Klinik Farma – Indonesia, known as a maritime country with more water area than its land, turned out to be one of the countries with significant naval power. Is Indonesia one of the strongest fleets in the world?

To learn more, here is a short list of the most powerful navies in the world to share. How much do you think Indonesia is?

This list refers to what was released World Directory of Modern Warships or WDMMW in 2023. Indonesia has done very well compared to other Asian countries that are said to have strong navies.

List of the strongest marines in the world

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Here is a short list to share.

1. USA

2. China

3. Russia

4. Indonesia

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5. South Korea

6. Japan

7. India

8. France

9. England

10. Turks

11. Italy

12. Taiwan

13. Egypt

14. North Korea

15. Algiers

16. Bangladesh

17. Spanish

18. Germany

19. Iran

20. Australia

21. Thailand

22. Greece

23. Canada

24. Singapore

25. Brazil

It can be seen that in this list, Indonesia is in fourth place, being the two leading countries in the Asian region with the largest naval power. Even its position is higher than developed countries such as South Korea, Japan and Germany.

What is a subtractor?

To estimate the strength of a country’s navy, the organization uses several indicators of size that have been calculated previously. Starting from the total number of warships and submarines, the age of the fleet, logistics, ending with the attacking and defensive capabilities of the country.

The estimate also includes the balance of each naval power in countries around the world, which includes the total number of types of assets they own and the positions in which those assets are placed.

USA still leads

The first place is clearly still occupied by the USA with a total value of 323.9 points. With the widest range of warship and submarine types, good balance and clearly superior numbers, this superpower is the strongest in the naval sector.

As of November 2022, the total fleet consisted of 243 combat units, including 11 aircraft carriers, 68 submarines, 22 cruisers, 70 destroyers, 21 corvettes, 8 mine action ships, 10 maritime patrol boats and 33 landing craft. Pretty impressive, right?

This was a brief explanation of the list of the strongest fleets in the world based on WDMMW for 2023. With what Indonesia currently has, rank 4 is still pretty good.

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