Khabib Jafar admits that he was offended when he was invited to an event with Sujivo Tejo: he used to be very dashing.

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Klinik Farma – Preacher Habib Jaafar Al Hadar has been frequently talked about in the city lately. It is known that Habib Jafar himself preaches among the youth.

In the video, Habib Jafar is invited to a preaching event with bodybuilder Sujivo Tejo. Representing Sujivo Tejo, Habib Jafar admitted that he was offended.

“Actually, I was very offended that Gus Ipul said that Mbah Sujiwo Tejo bib was also the speaker, what is missing, you know? Why should you come to Sujiwo Tejo,” joked Habib Jafar, quoted from the Sujudmuslim YouTube channel.

“Why is it that my knowledge is still lacking,” he added.

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Haboob Jafar further admitted that he realized that Sujiwo Tejo was invited because he brought music that he himself could not play.

“Oh yes, Mbah Tejo has added value,” said Habib Jaafar.

Khabib Jafar then mentioned that he really wanted to roast Sujiwo Tejo. Because Sujiwo Tejo always looks serious in other TV shows.

“If I first saw Mba Tejo at ILC, he was really strong, so I was itching to fry Mba Tejo,” said Habib Jafar.

The video immediately elicited various responses from netizens.

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“This is primordially Khabib, he has a calm character, high knowledge, number 1 without money, all friends,” comments from netizens.

“When you see Khabib Jafar, you don’t understand why there is such a cool aura around him. added another netizen.

“Dare and hit the target, be strong, I hope you always stay healthy, bib” other hints.

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