Jokowi wants to ban coconut exports, entrepreneurs reveal facts

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – Coconut entrepreneurs in the country respond to President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowy) speech that he will close the export tap. export of palm oil, seaweed, coconut to other potential commodities. It was part of an effort to speed up recycling and recycling, or develop a downstream in the country, he said.

Amrizal Idroes, co-founder and vice chairman of the Indonesian Coconut Industry Association (HIPKI) for Institutional Cooperation, said Jokowi’s announcement was a very good signal. This, he says, inspired HIPKI to innovate even more with coconut-derived products.

Amrizal said there is still very little coconut downstream in Indonesia. Although, he added, the HIPC movement started a few years ago.

“Oh, a lot hasn’t been reworked yet. Our coconut production in the country is about 15 billion coconuts, so only about 1 billion coconuts have been processed,” he told Klinik Farma on Wednesday (August 16, 2023).

“Yes… yes, he is very small, he is still small. Small in volume, but we started it. HIPKI started doing (downstream) a few years ago. big,” said Amrizal.

According to Amrizal, one type of coconut processing that is not grown domestically is coconut oil. He said that most oil mills in Indonesia still process copra into raw coconut oil, and RBD is directly exported overseas.

Meanwhile, these two components are raw materials for processing industries in developed countries, such as raw materials for cosmetics.

“So if the copra is pressed you can get crude oil or crude oil and the crude oil is processed a bit into vegetable oil or RBD so that’s what is exported. Meanwhile, these two components are raw materials for processing industries. in developed countries,” Amrizal said.

Simply, according to him, the development of coconut processing in the country is still held back in terms of technology. He said that in order to stimulate the development of the coconut processing industry in the country, technological support is needed to develop new innovative products.

“Because post-processing requires technology, yes, technology to invent new product innovations. Well, it can be said that this product innovation, HIPKI as an organization is weak in this area. For example, there are BRIN institutes or universities that contribute to an innovative product that has a high selling value abroad, HIPKI is ready to accept it,” he said.

“Research institutes can help with this to develop derivative products that will later be converted to HIPKI, later HIPKI will quickly adopt them, of course, depending on the demand in the export market,” he said.

“Therefore, later on, the products that we will sell will not only be crude oil and RBD, but will already be derivatives of two crude (crude) and RBD feedstocks,” Amrizal said.

As is known, President Jokowi stressed that his party had stressed that they would continue with the recycling program. It does not stop only in the mining sector. It is transferred to Annual session of MPR RI and Joint session of DPR RI – DPD RI 2023.

“The downstream we want to do is not just a downstream of minerals. But also non-mineral resources such as palm oil, seaweed, coconut and other potential commodities that optimize local content in partnership with MSMEs, fishermen, farmers, so that the benefits are felt directly in the community, the little people,” President Jokowi said on Wednesday ( 08/16/2023).

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