Jokowi Values ​​LRT fare Rs 24,000 Expensive, asks for subsidies

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – President Joko Widodo said that public transport should be subsidized or public service obligation (PSO) so that ticket prices can be cheaper. Including Jabodebek LRT tickets, which are considered quite expensive for some groups.

This was announced by President Joko Widodo during the testing of the Light Rapid Train (LRT) project from Jathikaria station, Bekasi to Dukuh Atas station, Jakarta on Thursday (10/8/2023). Journalists asked Yokowi about the LRT fare, which reaches another 20,000 rupees, does he hope to attract public interest?

For this reason, Jokowi stressed that he will provide subsidies for this light elevated train project.

“So we need PSO, subsidies, will it be called airport train, will it be called Transjakarta, KRL, will it be called train, will it be called LRT, will it be called MRT, will it be called express train, everything should have subsidies,” Jokowi said in a press statement.

Jokowi said the Jokowi subsidy could attract more people and move from private cars to public transportation. Even so, he was unwilling to reveal the nominal amount of the subsidy provided by the LRT.

Photo: President Joko Widodo and art activists ride a tram from Jati Mulya Station in Bekasi to Dukuh Atas Station in Jakarta, Thursday morning, August 10, 2023. (Dr. Laili Rachev – Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat)
President Joko Widodo and artists ride the LRT from Jati Mulya station in Bekasi to Dukuh Atas station in Jakarta on Thursday morning, August 10, 2023. (Dr. Laili Rachev – Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat)

“It is only clear that this is the matter of the Minister of Transport. Get the president ready to figure it out,” he joked.

For reference, the farthest LRT passage in this project reaches 24,000 per person. This is stated in the Decree of the Minister of the Republic of Indonesia No. KM 67 of 2023 on tariffs for the transportation of people by integrated light rail in the Greater Jakarta area to fulfill public service obligations.

The decision clarified that the Jabodebek LRT fare was set at IDR 5,000 for the first 1 km, and then the community was charged IDR 700 for each subsequent km. So, the farthest journey Zhabodebek LRT costs about 23-24,000 rupees along the route from Dukuh Atas station to Zhatimul (Bekasi). Meanwhile, the Jabodebek LRT fare from Dukuh Atas station to Harjamukti (Cibubur) station is around IDR 21,000-22,000 per trip.

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