Jokowi denies interfering with Prabowo’s coalition

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Jakarta, Klinik Farma – President Joko Widodo spoke out on the decision of the Golkar Party and PAN to formally support the party’s general chairman Gerindra as a presidential candidate in the 2024 general presidential and vice presidential elections.

Meeting after the awards ceremony at the State Palace, Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta on Monday (August 8, 2023), Jokowi said it was none of his business.

“This is the case of the parties, this is the Golkar case, the PAN case, the Gerindra case, the PCB case, the case of the parties,” he said.

Jokowi also stressed that there was no communication with him regarding Golkar’s and PAN’s moves to support Prabowo.

“You, you, you, that’s their business. The coalition matters, cooperation matters, that’s the party’s business. I’m not the chairman of the party, I’m the president,” he said.

Following the decisions of Golkar and PAN, all political parties holding seats in the DPR RI expressed their position and support for the three current presidential candidates, namely Prabovo, Ganjar Pranovo and Anis Basvedan.

Prabowo’s coalition has passed the threshold for presidential nomination provided by the Electoral Law. Under the regulation, presidential and vice presidential candidates must meet the requirements to receive seats for political parties or a combination of supporting political parties of at least 20% of seats in the DPR or 25% of national valid votes.

Below are the strengths of the three presidential candidates in terms of the number of seats in the DNR RI coalition parties:

Prabowo Subianto
Gerindra party faction: 78 seats / 13.57%
Golkar party faction: 85 seats / 14.78%
PKB faction: 58 seats / 10.09%
PAN faction: 44 seats / 7.65%
Total: 265 seats/46.09%

Ganjar Pranovo
PDIP faction: 128 seats / 22.26%
PPS faction: 19 seats / 3.30%
Total: 147 places / 25.56%

Anis Baswedan
Nasdem party faction: 59 seats / 10.26%
Democratic Party Caucus: 54 seats / 9.39%
PKS faction: 50 seats / 8.70%
Total: 163 places / 28.35%

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