JK meets with Chairman of Golkar and names Airlangga General of Golkar War in 2024 elections

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Klinik Farma – A senior in the party, who is also the general chairman of the Golkar party in the period 2004-2009, Yusuf Kalla (JK) expressed his support for the general chairman of the DPP of the Golkar party, Airlangge Hartarto, in winning the 2024 elections.

According to Yusuf Kalla, currently Airlangga is like a general in Indonesia’s five-year war for democracy for a party carrying a banyan tree.

DK acknowledged that under Airlangga’s leadership, the entire structure of the Golkar party from the center to the regions was solid. According to him, Airlanga needs this solidity to defeat Golkar in the elections to be held on February 14, 2024.

“Strongness is needed to say that he is fighting, this is General Pak (Airlangga). If you don’t unite, how can you win the battle, right,” JK said after holding a private meeting with Airlangga at the Darmawangsa Hotel, Kebayoran Baru, South. Jakarta, Friday (04/08/2023).

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In addition to JK and Airlangga, other senior Golkar members also attended the meeting, such as Golkar Party Board of Trustees Chairman, Aburizal Bakrieh, Expert Council Chairman, Agung Laksono, Golkar Ethics Council Chairman, Muhamad Hatta and Theo Sambuaga. Airlangga was also accompanied by the general secretary of the Golkar DPP Lodewijk F. Paulus and Iskandar Manji.

“The region is also strong, if the region is solid, the leadership is solid, yes, this is what is needed to make it strong. And this is what you need, ”said JK.

The Golkar politician, who has served twice as vice president, stressed that his party supports Airlangga in leading Golkar to victory in the 2024 elections.

JK urged all parties not to interfere with the technical politics imposed by Airlangga within the party to achieve victory.

“We support his party, that is, we support Pak Airlanga, of course, in policy development. That’s the point. We do not interfere in the technical policy imposed by the Party. We want the party to unite,” Yusuf Kalla said.

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A senior Golkar politician said that the solidity of the general chairmen who attended the meeting was a moral boost for the structure of the Golkar party throughout Indonesia.

He said that the meeting, which was held like a regular dinner, was supposed to unite all the cadres for the victory of the No. 4 party in the 2024 elections.

“This is important for the promotion of structural morality, for our unity. What later becomes the policy of the leadership or Golkar, we will of course leave in accordance with what has been sanctioned by the National Conference or the National Workers’ Assembly,” said J.K.

Meanwhile, Airlangga said that his meeting with JK was an invitation from senior to junior in the Golkar party.

Airlangga admitted that he reported on the latest developments in the Golkar party that the party is currently very strong to face the 2024 elections.

“Certainly earlier from senior members of the Golkar Party, from Mr. J.K., Mr. Aburizal Bakrieh, Mr. Agung (Laxono), Mr. Theo (Sambuaga), Mr. Hatta, of course, I hope that this party is united. Nothing worries the Golkar party because, being the second largest party in Indonesia, it represents political institutions and democratic institutions,” he said.

“The constitution of the Golkar Party is being asked to be preserved and no outside parties should violate the integrity of the Golkar Party,” Airlangga said.

In JK, Airlangga announced the goal of obtaining seats from the DNR in the 2024 elections, namely 116 to 120, or the equivalent of 20 percent of the seats in the Senayan parliament.

“I also transmit, especially for the presidential elections of the Golkar Party and all DPD and DPP, authorized to guard the decisions of the National Conference, Rapimnas and Rakernas, including yesterday’s meeting in Bali,” said the coordinating minister for the economy.

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